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Aug. 19 2021
There are several challenges in the vendor invoice approval flow process to consider — from the data to be captured, from the invoices received to be sent to the ERP, to the flow conditions accordin
Aug. 18 2021
Quadient has partnered with leading enterprise automation software company UiPath... View More
Aug. 9 2021
Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, announced the availability of a white paper it commissioned from analyst f
July 29 2021
There's no doubt that the pandemic accelerated many organizations’ digital transformation journeys. There was even a joke that the pandemic had been more effective than most CIOs in enabling digita
July 28 2021
What you might not realize is these essential, but at times overlooked, office devices could give your organization a Tesla-sized turbo boost... View More
July 21 2021
Electronic signatures aren’t new, but they’ve evolved to quickly become essential tools for how business gets done today... View More
July 19 2021
Smart CommunicationsTM has announced that its platform is now available via Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany. Customers across Europe can now join those already utilizing the Smart Communicat... View More
July 12 2021
Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)... View More
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July 7 2021
Despite the difficulties, the pandemic has opened new opportunities for many SMEs... View More
June 29 2021
INfuse Solution now includes user authentication to minimize security risks... View More
June 24 2021
Paper, paper, paper… endless, nauseating and drowning waves of paper all over the place, on top of desks, in cardboard boxes inside closets, under desks, on top of the chairs of the meeting... View More
June 24 2021
There has been a lot in the news on the “Great Resignation,” an anticipated major wave of job changes as the pandemic slows down. Some resignations are simply pent up from people who didn’t... View More
June 9 2021
Customer Communications Management (CCM) consulting firm, Aspire Customer Communications Services, has announced today the upcoming launch of a new Aspire Leaderboard, and is inviting providers of CCM
June 8 2021
In the 1990s, high-value transactional customer communications, such as account statements, bills and invoices, were managed by highly skilled IT teams in data centers that connected million-dollar pr
June 8 2021
People are often surprised by the number and complexity of forms in their organizations. When they conduct an audit of what needs to be changed to comply with accessibility regulations, they often realize... View More
June 8 2021
Messagepoint Inc. has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that support its customer communications management (CCM) platform’s unique ability to simplify the... View More
June 3 2021
Kofax®, has announced it has acquired PSIGEN Software, Inc., a provider of document capture, content management and workflow automation software and solutions.“We’re very pleased to welcome... View More
May 27 2021
Quadient has announced that it has been positioned as an overall leader in the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard™ for Customer Communications Management (CCM) — the fourth year in a row that Quadient... View More
May 27 2021
Evaluating customer communications management software can be confusing and requires research to make an informed decision... View More
May 27 2021
For the fourth year in a row, Messagepoint Inc. has been named an overall leading provider of customer communications management (CCM) solutions in the 2021 CCM Aspire Leaderboard... View More