Nov. 23 2022
In 2020 electricity production created 25% of global greenhouse gases directly and indirectly through powering industry another 21% ( Fossil fuels created 63% of that ( In
Nov. 22 2022
Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, announces the availability of the BFMA Certificate Program, designed to educate professional
Nov. 18 2022
Mergers and acquisitions have been the cornerstone of business growth for many industries over the past decade. Considered one of the fastest ways to grow business, increase a talent pool and improve... View More
Nov. 16 2022
As football season is underway in the USA, many of us are also well into our 2023 budget and planning periods. Your executives are priming their teams to win in 2023 and beyond. Given the current econ
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Nov. 15 2022
As companies continue to accelerate their digital transformation capabilities and expand on their use of dynamic digital technologies, cloud-based solutions and SaaS software solutions take an ever mo
Nov. 14 2022
What Is Business Process Management?Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategy that models, analyzes and optimizes end-to-end processes to achieve business objectives, such as improving customer... View More
Nov. 10 2022
Transformations, Inc., a software solutions company and developer of the customer communications management (CCM) platform, Uluro, announced the availability of a white paper commissioned from analyst
Nov. 3 2022
Quadient's cloud-based solution YayPay by Quadient was listed as a 2022 Technology Leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in the SPARK Matrix™ analysis of the global accounts receivable application
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Nov. 2 2022
The printing industry continues to face severe supply chain challenges. While sales are expected to grow, most printers do not expect it to translate into profitability due to rising costs and... View More
Nov. 2 2022
Per Paloma Print Products:It is with much excitement, and a bit of sadness, that we announce that Paloma Product Marketing LLC has decided to transfer our client software license agreements to our pri
Oct. 28 2022
Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, is recognizing Cybersecurity Month this October by sharing tips on security and risk... View More
Oct. 27 2022
Madison Advisors has published a brief on the current state of the automated document factory (ADF) model and the need to break free of the traditional page-based paradigm to support communications in
Oct. 27 2022
The way we work is broken and it’s been for decades. Enterprises large and small are too focused on the existing technology to solve a problem they may have never intended to solve. How do we ensure
Oct. 13 2022
Information management is an essential element of every organization. It involves the application of technology and procedures to make sure that information is accessible and useful... View More
Oct. 5 2022
Quadient has released Quadient Impress Invoice, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that securely and compliantly automates the preparation and delivery of invoices. Impress Invoice features built-in elect
Oct. 4 2022
Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions, announces the general availability of cSimpl (pronounced “simple”). This SaaS document reengineering service was designed for... View More
Sept. 29 2022
In March of 2022, Macrosoft conducted its second annual CCM Industry Best Practices Survey. A total of 253 individuals from more than 88 identified companies participated in the survey — a diverse... View More
Sept. 29 2022
Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face in 2022... View More
Sept. 27 2022
Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, announces the availability of its “Forms Management Book of Knowledge (Book of Knowledge)
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Sept. 21 2022
Customer communications management (CCM) in the cloud has been contemplated for almost two decades. With the processing and I/O demands of large batch communications the feasibility of hosting these s