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DOCUMENT Strategy is a highly focused media company dedicated to the professional development of executives, directors  and managers involved in the core areas of Communications, Enterprise Content Management and Information Management strategies. Our serious editorial mission focuses on the key pillars of every organization —Strategy, Governance, Process and Technology — in order to speak to individual stakeholders within the organization while helping to create a strategic vision across all departments. We are dedicated to looking at the entire communication and information process—from information creation, to document management, to document delivery, to holistic customer experiences, to records management and information governance.
Our Mission: Advancing the maturity of enterprise-wide communications and information management strategies to deliver superior customer experiences and business success.  
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Brief Historical Look: In 1988, we launched our flagship publication, Mailing Systems Technology, that provided information to businesses to improve the distribution of printed documents. Just a few years later, we realized there was an information void further upstream, as documents were printed. To meet that need, we created Document Processing Technology, the precursor to DOCUMENT. We were the first to look at the entire document process, integrating the silos (data processing, printing, mailing, archiving) that existed in corporations.

As electronic delivery of transactional documents emerged, we created e.bill magazine to serve businesses that were transitioning billings and payments to the Internet. Once the online capability matured, we combined Document Processing Technology and e.bill to create DOCUMENT, which mirrored the philosophy of document strategists, where the emphasis is on the complete end-to-end process of the document: from content/form management, to output management/delivery, to transactions/remittance, to records managment/information governance. The shift in the philosophy was that it didn't matter how the document was delivered (electronic or hard copy) but how companies communicated with their customers in order to meet business needs. In addition, since we understood our unique position in the market as the only information source focused on the entire life cycle of the document and the document strategy, we proudly launched our 1:1 event and conference, the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum in 2008. This event brings to life our editorial mission of the magazine and truly caters to the end user focused on solving real business solutions. To fully align the goals of our prestigious event and media company, we created DOCUMENT Strategy Media in 2014, where we strive to provide thoughtful and innovative perspectives on enterprise-wide content and information strategies. 

Today, we are the sole provider of information to the document professional. We built our magazine on the overall strategy, not just a part of the process. Our coverage of the industry continues in that vein.  
Your Information, Your Way: Since the inception of our publication, we have added more channels to disseminate information to the top document management executives. We added a website in 2000 and opened a new site, with daily posts on the latest management articles and breaking industry news, in January, 2007. To meet the ever-growing need for information, we also began an e-newsletter in 2007 that hand delivers bi-monthly updates on products, service and management features to the industry. We launched our annual event, the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum, that promotes a 1-1 environment for today's leading executives on innovative content and information strategies.  
DOCUMENT Strategy is a media product of MadMen3, LLC, a multimedia company since 2019.