Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of electronic document management and workflow management software, announced the availability of the industry's first fully integrated document management, cloud-based file sharing, and workflow solution. CNG-SHARE is a major component in the latest version of CNG's document management software, CNG-SAFE 8.0, which extends secure document sharing and collaboration to non-CNG users.

CNG-SHARE increases business efficiency by making it simple to share documents securely between CNG-SAFE users and their non-CNG-SAFE user contacts, such as customers, vendors, or other business associates. The cloud-based subscription service allows authorized CNG-SAFE users to post documents to a contact's password protected SHARE account. Contacts can access and manage shared documents via a standard browser interface and also share documents with specified CNG-SAFE users by uploading documents into their SHARE account.

Industry specific examples of CNG-SHARE in action include: attorneys securely sharing case matter, financial advisors sending documents securely to clients, bookkeepers and clients sharing vendor bills and customer invoices, and accountants posting completed tax forms directly for client review. The possibilities for secure document sharing are limitless.

"Many industries face the challenge of sharing documents outside the company without compromising privacy or exposing intellectual property, yet with over 200 hosted file sharing solutions on the market today, none offer the integrated feature set that CNG-SHARE brings to document management and workflow," said Andrew Bailey, president, CNG. "Many of these solutions are basic standalone products or require complicated plug-ins if used in a business setting. CNG-SHARE is the first to offer document management, file sharing and workflow in one simple, affordable solution."

When the CNG-SAFE user selects the desired documents and shares them to the cloud, the intended recipient automatically receives an email notification with a link to connect to their SHARE folder. The contact can download and/or upload documents and create their own folders using a standard web browser, without the need to install additional software. All connections to the Internet and all documents stored in the cloud are individually secured using industry standard encryption techniques. Whenever a document is in transit or at rest, it is secure.

"This is the first off-the-shelf document management system I am aware of that offers powerful document management, workflow, and embedded web-based sharing and collaboration capabilities," said Chad Wilkerson, IT Director at Habilitative Services, Inc. "Hybrid document management is driving the next wave of document management, allowing for both traditional client/server implementations and web-based browser document management solutions to find common ground and deliver the best of both worlds, and CNG recognizes the need for mixing installed and cloud-based software."

CNG-SHARE administrators can brand the customer facing portal component and messaging with their company logo and custom title bar. Additionally, system emails sent from CNG-SHARE can be customized (subject line and body text) so when recipients receive a CNG-SHARE email, they are greeted with a familiar logo and header messaging. Branding the portal and email text is a simple administrative update that gets applied uniformly across the system.

The CNG-SHARE interface within CNG-SAFE 8.0 gives the CNG user a centralized view and control of all their shared documents. Contact activities, such as accessing, deleting, or uploading documents are also indicated in the CNG-SHARE interface.

About Cabinet NG
Cabinet NG (CNG)'s electronic document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient document workflows. Its user-friendly products streamline user tasks, delivering gains in office/field productivity and bottom-line savings. CNG's intuitive workflow and scheduling supports secure collaboration with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. For more information, visit

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