Print/Mail Consultants, a consulting firm serving the document/communications industry, has launched a new product in their writing services line. The Ready-to-Use Communications Program solves the biggest problem encountered by companies attempting to use outbound messaging to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to their web sites.

Many companies in the document industry have had poor experiences with e-newsletter or outbound messaging programs in the past. Some have made multiple attempts. The inability to allocate the time to consistently write the articles, work with agency or freelance writers, or coordinate distribution is often the downfall of these well-meaning initiatives.

The Ready-to-Use Communications Program comes loaded with proprietary informational content that is pre-written by industry experts. The program automatically contacts customers and prospects every month. The informational content is delivered via customized email templates that feature the client's corporate colors, logos, links, and product/promotional messaging. Print/Mail Consultants takes care of everything. Clients are not required to administer the program. Messaging is high-quality and consistent.

"Most of our clients just don't have the resources to sustain the repetitive publication of completely custom material, so they end up doing nothing at all", said Print/Mail Consultants President Mike Porter, "We created the Ready-to-Use program to fill a critical gap in our client's content marketing strategies."

Print/Mail Consultants can execute the product for customers shortly after they sign up. Clients can experience the benefits of their first email distribution in as few as one or two weeks. The program has no minimum term and there are no set-up fees.

"Many clients want to use only the Ready-to-Use program. They may not have the budget to purchase additional custom content at the start, and that's just fine. The program includes a loyalty bonus that clients can use to build up their content library with custom-written articles on topics of their choice. There is no additional charge for the bonus content", explained Porter.

The product is suitable for any company in the document/communications business including hardware vendors, software companies, print service providers, letter shops, mailroom equipment distributors, analysts, mail presort bureaus, and more.

Complete information about Ready-to-Use can be found on the Writing Services pages of Website visitors will find template examples, sample articles, FAQ's, and an overview video that explains the new program.

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