Anexinet Corporation, a leading provider of digital, analytics and hybrid IT solutions, announced its Mobile Customer Self-Service (MCSS) development platform. The new offering gives organizations the ability to become more customer-centric through a feature-rich mobile app tailored to enhance their customers’ experiences. The Anexinet-developed apps provide high-value, self-service functions on mobile devices, proven to increase customer loyalty and acquisition while reducing retention costs.

Key benefits of Anexinet’s MCSS development platform include:

1. Increased customer lifetime value (CLTV) by supporting simple repeat buying, reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), and automating frequent customer service issue resolution.

2. Increased customer loyalty as measured by key influencers such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores.

Anexinet understands that mobile app development can be challenging for many organizations, due to a lack of internal mobile expertise as well as concerns about the costs and timeline of custom development. The company helps alleviate these concerns by leveraging their unique Customer Experience Platform (CXP) as a foundation within the MCSS development. The CXP leverages a variety of components such as feature templates, authentication, secure offline data, device feature access, embedded analytics and cognitive services. The net result is a more intelligent and engaging mobile app with content and features that differentiate any business.

“Mobile customer experiences are table stakes in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape. The key to differentiation is providing a superior design and feature set that empowers customers to help themselves,” said Steve Tranchida, VP Digital Solutions. “Anexinet’s Mobile Customer Self-Service solutions are transformative because we start with our Customer Experience Platform (CXP) as a foundation. This enables more compelling features in a shorter timeframe, which can be specifically tailored to financial, healthcare, professional services or any other customer-served mobile app need."

Common interaction through Anexinet’s mobile applications include service or order history, intelligent notifications, account and billing status checks, digital payment, customer support, and preferences management among many other functions.

About Anexinet
Anexinet ( specializes in digital business transformation. We empower our clients to grow their customer base and improve workforce efficiency by envisioning, developing, and operating next generation technology solutions. Our core expertise is in digital applications, analytics, and hybrid IT, enabling businesses to rapidly transform. Partner with Anexinet to support the full lifecycle of your next generation digital business.
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