Direct Marketing Automation provider Boingnet announced the general availability of its new, patent-pending “Audiences” technology. The announcement came during Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly’s presentation “Direct Mail Attribution and E-Commerce - Take Credit For Your Sales” during The New England DMA’s 2017 Annual Conference.

    Marketing attribution is an increasingly important topic, as the proliferation of digital marketing channels has created a need for marketers to be able to understand the impact of each channel on each stage of the sales funnel. Several different attribution models have become commonplace, most of which overweight the impact of digital marketing while underweighting the impact of offline media such as direct mail.

    Boingnet Audiences Simplifies Direct Mail Attribution

    Boingnet Audiences provides an easy way for direct mail marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Unlike traditional pURL software that requires custom built landing pages to be built and deployed for measurement, Audiences uses new, patent-pending methods to measure the way that direct mail responders navigate across any existing web, e-commerce or landing pages.

    “We’ve drastically reduced the time and expense associated with deploying measurable, personalized landing pages for direct mail” said Kelly. “Our breakthrough enables marketers to use existing web, landing or e-commerce pages in a way that recognizes direct mail traffic uniquely. By leading direct mail responders into the ‘clickstream’, direct mailers can take credit for leads and sales as they happen.”

    Sigma Marketing Sees Instant Direct Mail Attribution With Boingnet Audiences And HubSpot

    Boingnet Audiences includes simple and easy integration with HubSpot, a leading marketing automation platform. The team at Sigma Marketing Insights recently hosted an event at a financial industry conference, with invitations sent via direct mail. The team needed a way to personalize the experience and track the direct mail response, but didn’t want to learn a completely new landing page platform. “Boingnet Audiences gives us real-time measurement of our responses, while at the same time personalizes our HubSpot landing pages with 3rd party data” said Gregg Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer. “We didn’t have time or budget to implement a completely new pURL landing page platform, so Boingnet Audience’s ability to plug right into HubSpot made the decision a no brainer.”

    A New Solution For E-Commerce Direct Mail Attribution

    At the NEDMA Conference, Kelly discussed the difficulties that E-Commerce retailers face when determining the impact of direct mail on sales. “Many E-Commerce marketers rely on the ‘Matchback Analysis’ model for offline attribution. While time tested and accurate, they are slow, expensive and not integrated into automated workflows.”

    While demonstrating real time attribution and personalization of Audiences direct mail targets with Shopify, Kelly said “Modern E-Commerce retailers use targeted, personalized direct mail to drive traffic to platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others. Audiences plugs into existing workflows to enable instant attribution when sales occur.”

    Starting at $99 per month, Boingnet Audiences is available as a part of Boingnet’s direct marketing automation platform. To learn more about the Boingnet Audiences and how it fundamentally changes how direct mailers use pURLs, visit Introducing Boingnet Audiences.

    About Boingnet

    Boingnet provides direct marketing automation software and services for businesses, non-profits and marketing services providers. The Boingnet platform empowers marketers to quickly develop personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns that capture leads, grow relationships and convert leads into loyal customers. Boingnet is affordable, fast to setup and easy to use. Contact Boingnet at (800) 264-6420 or learn more at
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