Dec. 3 2009
Today, as never before, records and information are critical success factors for all types of corporations. Records have become assets that are as important for the corporation to manage as their fixed... View More
Nov. 17 2009
Effective records and retention management programs are critical to achieving compliance objectives and mitigating legal risk. However, enterprises face complex and shifting scenarios as they contend with... View More
Aug. 3 2009
The financial crisis, which presented a massive blow to the banking and capital markets sectors, now presents an opportunity for a profound change. Leading up to the credit crisis, the financial services... View More
June 22 2009
More and more companies are looking for ways to design an effective e-process to meet the risks and challenges encountered when using e-signatures, providing e-disclosures and completing the transactions... View More
June 15 2009
Respondents of ARMA International's April 2009 Records Management survey (ARMA International members and information professionals) were asked to analyze their organizations' total information management... View More