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ROI of Your CCM System
Unfortunately, poorly implemented systems become like a black hole over time—impossible to escape because of the growing importance around all the accumulated complexity of the solution. So, how...


Content services software developer Nuxeo continues to add to their growing network of integrations for their cloud-native, low-code platform, introducing two new connectors, and the arrival of their AI...
In early August, Quadient, a leader in the customer communications management (CCM) software market, introduced the latest addition to its CCM solution portfolio with
On Monday, Pitney Bowes rocked the customer communications management (CCM) market with the announcement that they had sold their full customer communications and customer engagement solutions portfolio,...



By Mike Spang

Is the idea behind "big data" really just hype? While there is an enormous amount of data available, it first needs to be understood before it can be useful. As of late, robotic process automation (RPA) is often cited as a solution to help understand, move, and process such data. Although RPA has been around in its primitive form for more than a decade, we are still in the early days of automation.

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