Sandra Lupanava

Sandra Lupanava is a SharePoint and Office 365 Evangelist at Iflexion, a software development and IT consulting company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Sandra focuses on SharePoint and Office 365 capabilities, challenges that companies face while adopting these platforms, and improving SharePoint and Office 365 deployments for maximum benefit. in her articles, Sandra covers how to create employee-centric, cost-effective solutions for SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft 365.
Aug. 26 2020
Looking for unconventional ways to motivate your employees to adopt a new system or create a livelier workplace? Discover what gamification is and how it can be applied
SharePoint Framework
Aug. 13 2019
Whether your company is running SharePoint Server 2016, 2019, or SharePoint Online, the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) customization model has a lot to offer. It has revitalized Microsoft’s collaborative...
CXM and SharePoint
June 12 2017
A customer relationship management (CRM) system knows everything about customers; a SharePoint solution can master collaboration. By uniting the capabilities of these two platforms, organizations can double...