Lane Severson

Lane Severson is a Practice Leader in Information Management at Doculabs, responsible for managing relationships with Doculabs’ clients on the West Coast and coordinating delivery of Doculabs’ consulting services to ensure high-quality engagements. Lane works to help clients align their technology investments to support business objectives and drive value for the enterprise. He also works to cultivate industry thought leadership, publishing his opinions on information management-related issues on the blog of the Doculabs website as well as for online industry venues. Lane has 13 years of experience in the information management industry, with previous positions in business development at Clover Technology Group, InnoSource Business Solutions, Compassoft, Inc. and Mobius Management Systems, Inc.
Information Management Success - DOCUMENT Strategy
March 9 2017
We all know it’s important to have a strategy in place when implementing our information management programs, especially in organizations that are large, complex, or heavily regulated, but how many...