Users of ImageNow by Perceptive Software will find new tools in the latest release of the enterprise software suite to help manage documents and other digital assets throughout their lifecycle. The product suite's optional records and information management capability is just one of the new features of ImageNow 6.5, the latest release from Perceptive Software.

    Perceptive Software ECM products give users the power to capture, process and collaborate on important documents and information, protect data integrity throughout its lifecycle and access precise content in the context of their everyday business processes.

    Records and Information Management
    Retention Policy Manager (RPM), a new ECM component available in ImageNow 6.5, provides the ability to create time and event-based retention policies that are applied at the document type level. RPM offers comprehensive RIM features such as automated disposition, document transfer, disposition approval, and litigation/audit holds—all within an easy-to-use, interactive user interface.

    "Organizations are becoming more aware of the need to effectively manage records and information. While retaining records and information as long as needed is important, it's also imperative to transfer and dispose of them properly to avoid wasting space and productivity or exposing an organization to legal risk," said Stephanie Eaton, Perceptive Software Team Lead of Compliance Solutions.

    With the release of ImageNow 6.5, Perceptive Software has added a key piece to its comprehensive strategy for data capture within the ECM suite. The enhanced ImageNow eForms option makes data collection quick and simple, allowing users to easily gather information to support virtually any business process.

    "Customizable forms can now function as standalone documents and take advantage of advanced input validation, form attachments, and content search ability. Plus, eForms fit right into a website or portal so anyone — employees, customers, even non-ECM system users — can complete and submit information with little effort," said Tony Clark, Perceptive Software Team Lead of Technology Platform.

    Business Intelligence
    ImageNow 6.5 also supports an optional suite of business intelligence features called Business Insight, which is built for and integrated with ImageNow.

    "Business Insight features help measure and display process and user productivity with static reports, dashboards for high-level graphical views of various process and system metrics, and drag-and-drop tools for self-service creation and modification of reports and dashboards," said Nick Winston, Perceptive Software Team Lead of ECM Products.

    About Perceptive Software
    Since 1995 Perceptive Software has built enterprise content management software, including ImageNow®, to help organizations effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of their documents and information. For more information about Perceptive Software's ECM products, visit


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