Thunderhead, a global leader in customer communications management (CCM) software, announced its new Advanced Forms Management feature set, which provides insurance organizations with a productivity break-through in the production, management and delivery of complex personalized claims and policy forms. These features provide users with a greater level of management control and visibility. The features reduce the risk of non-compliance and expedite form completion, saving organizations time, money and improving overall time-to-market.

"Thunderhead is committed to driving innovation in the customer communications market and continues to listen and incorporate customer feedback into the functionality of our services," said Glen Manchester, CEO at Thunderhead. "We listened to our customers needs and built upon our already robust feature set creating greater business efficiency for our customers."

The complex federal and state regulatory environment governing insurance - and the scale of highly variable forms content - means that insurers face an uphill battle trying to gain efficiencies through streamlining and automation. These barriers apply not only to the integration of forms and data but also to outbound document production, from ensuring the correct forms are used to the assembly of the required document packages.

To help insurers overcome these challenges, the new Thunderhead NOW Advanced Forms Management feature set delivers four specific capabilities:

  • Forms Import; empowers users to ingest external Forms originating from common source formats, such as PDF, JPG, TIF, SVG and PNG. Once imported, users can govern and manage form elements using Thunderhead's Forms Designer.
  • Forms Selection Categories; user defined profiling to drive selection and coverage for state regulated forms and document packaging.
  • Advanced Recipient Processing; automated forms selection and pack affiliation, with full multi-channel capability.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics; for state filing and compliance and coverage statistics, including "who received" data.

The Form Selection Categories feature allows users to profile each form template with metadata and rules without programming, enabling automatic forms generation as part of a straight-through business process. Advanced Recipient Processing leverages this information to dynamically create document packages encompassing multiple form types, correspondence and other policyholder communications, regardless of channel. This represents a major step toward straight through processing, providing improved service and cost reduction by eliminating manual processing.

About Thunderhead
Thunderhead is one of the world's leading providers of enterprise solutions for customer communications management. Thunderhead's innovative NOW platform enables business users to own the end-to-end process of managing customer communications. For further information please visit


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