Aug. 7 2011 12:00 AM

Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, announced the release of an enhanced version of Rubika®. New document re-engineering functionality has been added to Rubika version 3.2 that improves processing speeds, enhances document security, expands barcode support and increases workflow control.

Version 3.2 of Rubika solves many problems associated with high volume transactional print and online viewing environments. Rubika 3.2 enhancements include:

  • Optimized PDF resource handling - new options designed to reduce file sizes and structure resources for optimum processing speeds in production print and e-delivery environments.
  • Enhanced document security - output files can be encrypted and input files can be decrypted, thus helping.
  • Expanded barcode support for PDF 417 and QR codes - dynamic barcodes can be generated based on content extracted from the print data, metadata or external data analytics feeds enabling organizations to add specific Transpromotional content to each recipient's document at run time.
  • Added command line controls - users can gain more control over workflows that are processed programmatically by setting up processing rules dynamically at run time. Control enhancements also enable Rubika's log files to contain user-defined information to help identify processing information at each stage of a workflow.
  • Print quality control - functionality to interrogate and replicate print streams in order to evaluate post-production quality and proof of output integrity.
  • Workflow template transferring - using template exporting and importing functionality, users can easily share workflow configurations to encourage enterprise template design standardization and to enable quality control testing in a development environment prior to production.

Rubika is designed to simplify the document re-engineering process. Without re-coding, re-programming or re-composing, Rubika modifies and re-engineers data streams to automate manual processes, enable postal savings, add value to documents (such as Transpromotional and Transeducational applications), leverage finishing equipment, and dynamically modify data streams prior to printing.

"Rubika is an ideal solution for organizations that require an easy and efficient method for updating their existing document applications without the expense or time of re-programming and re-composing," said Mary Ann Rowan, CMO and Vice President of Sales for Solimar Systems. "Our clients need to enhance their customer facing documents, onboard production work quickly, meet tightening SLA schedules and do all this with limited resources. Rubika, along with other Solimar solutions and our expert Technical Support team, enables our clients to make this happen."

About Solimar Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1991, Solimar Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of enterprise output management solutions for mainframe, midrange, and PC/network environments. Installed in thousands of sites around the world, including over 70% of the Fortune 100, Solimar solutions satisfy a wide range of customer requirements by combining document creation, integrated physical communications connectivity, data stream transforms, and sophisticated print queue management with secure document distribution and tracking. For more information, call the Solimar Sales Team at 619-849-2800 or visit


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