CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced that it will provide a law firm with an automated redaction solution for their scanned applications. The law firm purchased a license of Trapeze to redact up to 25,000 pages per month.

The law firm invests in technology that facilitates and streamlines their legal work. When the need to redact image documents arose, the firm decided to look into automated redaction software. The firm regularly dealt with volumes of loan documents containing highly sensitive information such as client names, social security numbers, and loan numbers. Instead of continuing to rely on manual redaction, the firm wanted an automated solution that was reliable and accurate enough to correctly filter and conceal content on documents. Using Trapeze with redaction from CVISION Technologies the firm was able to redact their documents in a secure and efficient manner.

Trapeze is an automation solution that expedites document processing. With automation documents can be processed at higher rates than through manual data entry alone. Trapeze can be configured to redact certain types of information, ensuring that sensitive information remains concealed. Unlike most redaction tools Trapeze completely removes redacted text from the document for maximum security.

Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, said, "It is absolutely essential for law firms to protect their clients' information. Trapeze offers an automated and effective way to perform redaction, allowing law firms to reliably safeguard sensitive information."

CVISION Technologies Inc. creates software to optimize the accessibility and processes associated with document capture. CVISION offers the best in file compression, recognition technology, automated data extraction, and PDF workflow applications. For more information, visit


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