DocuLex, creators of content management software, announces the launch of the company's subscription-based managed document services, providing data center infrastructure and amenities to document and content management. The offering is based on DocuLex's cloud/software as a service (SaaS) WebSearch program, coupled with the company's automated paper and electronic document capture module, Goby Capture. DocuLex management document services may be scaled for multiple organizations and users, with a monthly fee structure based on storage volume.

This browser-based content management program provides remote document access, permissions, printing and distribution, enabling secure document warehousing and sharing for practical knowledge management and colleague collaboration. Providing offsite document storage accessed by a customized user portal, the program serves an organization's need to access and utilize their documents from any Internet accessible location.

According to SMB market consultancy Integrated Corporation, flexibility and pay-as-you-go elasticity are driving many toward cloud computing. The ability to scale resources up and down in order to manage fluctuating business demand is a most advantageous benefit influencing cloud adoption.

IT purchasing decision makers are confident in cloud computing's ability to deliver budget savings. Commercial and public sector representatives predict cloud use will decrease IT budgets by 15 to 40 percent, depending on the scope of implementations.

Integrated continues that confidence in cloud continues to grow — 96 percent of IT decision makers are as confident or more confident in cloud computing being enterprise ready in 2010 than they were in 2009.

DocuLex management document services are designed to allow sharing of document collections via the Internet. Users are presented with a custom portal design specifically to their content management needs, including scanned paper converted to PDF and electronically created files in their native formats (including email with attachments). Secure document access is a key component to the architecture of this hosting offering, with encrypted site access and SSL protection.

Small businesses, large corporations, records storage facilities, document service bureaus and government agencies can consolidate internal and client's document management with DocuLex management document services. Internet access to documents is available, anytime and anywhere, without the cost and responsibility associates with owning and supporting a document management system.

About DocuLex
Incorporated in 1996, Winter Haven, Florida-based DocuLex creates non-proprietary content management software. Through an extensive worldwide reseller channel, the company offers network-enabled document capture and image processing software, along with browser-based document and content management programs and managed document services for colleague collaboration, email archiving and compliance, knowledge management, data mining, business process and collaborative workflow and records retention, offered as Archive Studio. See for program information and demonstrations.


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