Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, announced the release of a new version of iCONVERT that is compatible with Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Server 2008. iCONVERT is a powerful transform engine technology that emulates IPDS printers commonly used in mainframe and midrange environments and dynamically generates PostScript, PCL, PDF and TIFF data to support printers and archiving systems that do not natively support AFP applications.

This version of iCONVERT also extends printer-monitoring capabilities for SNMP enabled devices. Organizations can improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration and support costs by using iCONVERT's centralized processing model. For example, companies that use legacy IPDS cards in distributed printers, or that use dedicated printers to support specific application output, can save money by using a centralized iCONVERT system to convert IPDS print data and dynamically route the output to PCL and PostScript printers throughout the enterprise. This capability provides organizations with vendor independence when selecting printers for their environment.

System administrators will benefit from expanded event notification support in iCONVERT. The service can email administrators when problems occur and can provide information on specific IPDS NACK events.

iCONVERT 9.8 also offers enhancements for PDF output. These enhancements provide additional flexibility for clients using the PDF content for archiving. Users can specify if they want blank back pages to be included in the output. They can also tune the appearance of grey shading to satisfy particular presentation objectives. "Leveraging iCONVERT's ability to produce hardcopy and electronic output from IPDS print data is a benefit that many companies use since they can support multiple lines of business requirements from a single centralized solution." said Mary Ann Rowan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Solimar.

"iCONVERT 9.8 demonstrates Solimar's continued commitment to deliver powerful output management solutions to its customers worldwide," adds Rowan. "This latest version will help our clients manage their evolving IT infrastructure and information delivery needs."

About Solimar Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1991, Solimar Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of enterprise output management solutions for digital document creation, production and distribution environments. Installed in thousands of sites around the world, including over 70% of the Fortune 100, Solimar solutions satisfy a wide range of customer requirements by combining integrated connectivity, data stream transforms, print optimizations, document re-engineering/repurposing and sophisticated print queue management with secure web-based document presentment, distribution and tracking. For more information about Solimar Systems and its market-leading Enterprise Output Management technology, visit


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