KnowledgeTree, provider of cloud-based document management solutions, announced a product update that strengthens user security and alleviates the problems associated with juggling multiple access passwords. KnowledgeTree's partnership with OneLogin delivers a single sign-on functionality that allows customers to use one set of secure log in credentials to access KnowledgeTree's document management software as well as all their other cloud-based applications.

By partnering with OneLogin, an identity management and single sign-on provider for cloud companies, KnowledgeTree is again simplifying the document management process. Users now are able to access and process invoices, contracts, and other documents faster than ever before through automated, secure log-ins. Forgotten passwords are a thing of the past; users who lose their log-in information no longer have to waste time requesting the correct password be sent to them. Accessing documents in the cloud has never been easier, and it's never been safer, either.

KnowledgeTree is one of a growing number of OneLogin partners that leverages OneLogin's free SAML toolkit to eliminate the need for passwords, making it safer and easier for users to access their documents in the cloud. Companies can eliminate the risk that comes with weak employee passwords ("123456" and "letmein" won't cut it anymore), and documents that are stored safely in the cloud stay there.

KnowledgeTree joins OneLogin's existing directory of more than 1,000 leading cloud applications, including, Yammer, and Zendesk. OneLogin users are now able to access KnowledgeTree in one easy click, and can experience the value that KnowledgeTree's SaaS solution provides to hundreds of midmarket organizations.

"Integrating with OneLogin makes all the sense in the world — it allows our customers to save time when accessing documents and to do so in a more secure fashion," said Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree. "We're confident the single sign-on functionality will increase user productivity — how many times have you visited a website and haven't been able to think of the correct user identification or password? This is a truly user-friendly service we think will add great value to KnowledgeTree. We're also excited by the business opportunity that comes with the ability for OneLogin customers to access our system through the application directory."

"We applaud KnowledgeTree's visionary thinking when it comes to identity management. They know, as any other cloud application knows, how important security is to businesses considering the move to the cloud," said Thomas Pedersen, CEO of OneLogin. "By partnering with OneLogin, KnowledgeTree will be able to better address the concerns of midmarket businesses storing sensitive documents in the cloud, and enhance their overall security offering."

About KnowledgeTree
KnowledgeTree makes sharing content and controlling document processes simple with secure, affordable online document management solutions for growing SMBs and departments at larger companies. KnowledgeTree accelerates return on investment by streamlining document-centric business processes and increasing collaboration with workflow, document alerts, version control and full transaction histories. For more information, visit

About OneLogin
OneLogin, Inc. provides secure, easy access to cloud-based enterprise software. As a single sign-on (SSO) and identity management solution, OneLogin protects access to enterprise data hosted in the cloud by eliminating user-managed credentials. As an on-demand solution and pre-integrated with more than 1,000 applications, OneLogin provides the fastest path to identity management in the cloud. For more information, visit


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