CVISION Technologies, a leading provider of software to optimize the accessibility and processes associated with document capture, announced the release of Maestro Recognition Server 5.0. Maestro Recognition Server is a server-based PDF conversion and OCR solution providing industrial strength, automated, batch processing OCR. Maestro distinguishes itself by providing the world's fastest and most accurate OCR available. In "Real-Time" mode, version 5.0 can process up to 20 pages per second, a speed dramatically faster than competing OCR engines.

Maestro converts scanned documents into text-searchable PDF files with a flexible OCR solution. Delivered from a centralized server, Maestro enables organizations to easily integrate fast, accurate OCR as part of their existing document and imaging workflow while allowing users to perform advanced image processing functions in addition to high-quality OCR.

Maestro's OCR engine can be configured to the user's document processing needs, including modes for real-time speed and super accuracy. The "Real-Time" speed mode can process up to 20 pages per second (10 pages/core/second), a rate 20 times faster than competing products. In addition to high-speed OCR, the OCR engine contains settings to achieve the highest recognition rates possible. Maestro's OCR has been tested to be more accurate than leading OCR engines. High accuracy recognition rates are achieved by leveraging advanced image processing techniques, including: re-sampling, foreground/background separation, and auto-rotation.

Maestro 5.0 features:

  • High volume PDF conversion
  • Superior OCR in four modes, including: Real-time (up to 20 pages/second) and most accurate (10% more accurate than leading engines)
  • Advanced Image Processing: de-skew, de-speckle, image clean-up, auto-rotation
  • Complete PDF control: edit protect, print protect, and read-protect
  • SharePoint Integration: Generate PDF documents that can be inserted into and searched from SharePoint

"When evaluating an OCR product, one of the most important things to consider is the accuracy of the OCR recognition. Maestro Recognition Server differentiates itself from competing OCR products through superior recognition rates," said Chris Koulouris, marketing director for CVISION. "Many of our clients are looking for an automated solution to OCR documents. With Maestro's batch and watched folder capabilities, clients are able to process a large volume of documents fast and reliably."

Maestro Recognition Server differentiates itself through advanced image processing capabilities. With Maestro, images can be de-skewed and de-speckled for enhanced document quality. Superior PDF control is achieved through web optimization, advanced security, PDF/A compliance, metadata insertion, PDF display control, Bates stamping, and headers and footers. Other features that are supported include automatic page detection and rotation, automatic color inversion, automatic cropping, and color re-sampling.

A free evaluation of CVISION's Maestro Recognition Server is available online and licenses can be purchased on CVISION's online e-store. Versions accommodating higher volumes can be purchased from CVISION's sales department in the United States and from authorized CVISION value added resellers internationally.

CVISION Technologies Inc. creates software to optimize the accessibility and processes associated with document capture. CVISION offers the best in file compression, recognition technology, automated data extraction, and PDF workflow applications. For more information, visit

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