In making this announcement, John V. Ashley, CEO of Cheq Information Technology stated; "We have had a business relationship with Custom Data Solutions, Inc. (CDSI) for several years and when they decided to form a new subsidiary — Software Solution Integrators, it was an ideal opportunity to bring together the resources of CIT and SSI."

He went on to say "The team at Cheq Information Technology has been involved with document and check imaging and workflow systems for almost 40 years and the InfoRouter Document Management System has the best price/performance ratio of any comparable system that we have either worked with or evaluated. At a price point that is about twenty (20) to thirty (30) per cent lower than comparable systems, in this time of economic downturn where government and industry is looking to reduce cost and improve their internal systems through automation, this system deserves serious consideration. The InfoRouter System is not only very feature rich, intuitive and easy to install, but is also highly scalable. It will function equally as well in a small office environment as it will in a multi-national corporation."

He continued by saying; "Certain aspects of the InfoRouter System make it very conducive to the addition of check/ document scanning. The CIT team has evaluated this potential and determined that check/document scanning either on a remote basis (e.g. bank branches, insurance offices, multiple location car maintenance facilities and remote corporate facilities, etc.) or on a centralized basis can be easily implemented. Further, the InfoRouter system comes equipped with an Application Program Interface (API) tool that gives users the ability to communicate to other applications and data warehouses. In addition to the main system, two features that users appreciate are an unlimited number of authorized seat connections and user configurable portals. Both of these features are provided at no additional charge." He concluded by saying "The CIT team is delighted to be part of the SSI team and look forward to working with clients both here in the US and also internationally."

Michael Nudi, President of the CDSI group commented; "By combining the significant systems industry knowledge of CIT with SSI's skilled technology team, we have a team that is highly skilled at providing industry solutions, implementation and quality support." He finished his remarks by saying; "The InfoRouter Document Management System provides so many benefits that we are using it for our own internal document management requirements. In our evaluation of these systems, no product except the InfoRouter Document Management System was able to offer all the features that we required at a very reasonable price.

We very much look forward to demonstrating this remarkable low cost, high performance system to other organizations so that they can also learn for themselves the value that this system offers in the area of information automation."

About Cheq Information Technology, Inc.
Cheq Information Technology, Inc. is a provider of check/document imaging and process management expertise to government and industry.

About Custom Data Solutions, Inc.
CDSI is an Employee Owned, 100% US employer, headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The Company specializes in providing quality analytics and services to a prestigious group of clients including The Hershey Company, General Mills Inc., Frito-Lay, Kellogg Company and many more.


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