PageTech, the developer of PCLTool SDK, announced the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0. As the recognized leader in the PCL transformation industry, PageTech continues to meet the evolving PCL transformation demands of developers and businesses worldwide.

With the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0, PageTech now offers its flagship product in two different flavors -- PCLTool SDK 32-bit or PCLTool SDK 64-bit — plus .NET versions of its major programs for each platform. With these two new products, PageTech satisfies the growing needs of clients that are developing solutions for Windows 7, 64-bit and .NET environments, allowing them to take advantage of the different architectures and delivering solutions for a wider range of document imaging systems and platforms.

"We are extremely pleased to add PCLTool SDK 32-bit plus 32-bit .NET and PCLTool SDK 64-bit plus 64-bit .NET to our product line," says Robert Pooley, president of PageTech. "PCL transformation technology changes so rapidly, that being able to stay on top of emerging technologies is critical for our clients and our business."

With the addition of PCLTool SDK 32-bit plus 32-bit .NET and PCLTool SDK 64-bit plus 64-bit .NET, PageTech has made a number of enhancements in this latest release.

  • Product Line — PCLTool SDK is now available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions
  • Source Code — All program source code was ported over to MS Visual Studio
  • FastFonts — Replaced multiple, single-byte TrueTypes with single, double-byte fonts
  • PCLXForm — Added DataMatrix 2D and Intelligent Mail Barcoding functions
  • PCL to PDF — Added code creating smaller PDFs through embedded font optimization
  • Port Monitor — Added new 32-bit plus 32-bit .NET and 64-bit plus 64-bit .NET standalone versions
  • Text Extraction — Improved our exclusive ability to extract text from complex PCL5/PCL6 files
  • PCL Optimization — Added a standalone GUI program for font optimization in PCL files
  • API/.TPI Functions — Added many new functions for text extraction and stream editing of PCL
  • PCL to TransPromo — Improved the ability to de-construct bank statements for re-engineering


A fully functional evaluation copy of PCLTool SDK V11.0 for each platform is available for download from the PageTech web site. Once product licensing is complete, the insertion of a final runcode allows for an uninterrupted evaluation-to-development process.

All PageTech products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A single license for PCLTool SDK starts at $425 USD with additional configuration options available.

About PageTech
Established in 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy firm specializing in print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation products for developers, PCL systems integrators and MIS departments. PageTech belongs to the independent developer programs from: Adobe, Microsoft, Zumbox, and Lexmark. For more information, visit

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