X2Engine Inc, a global provider of open source enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, marketing and cloud services, announces the release of X2CRM version 6.9 of its enterprise CRM software.

“With our latest edition of X2CRM, we empower customers to deploy X2Engine in multiple configurations including our shared virtual private servers, dedicated private cloud servers on Amazon AWS and Google GCC and also traditional on-premise installations. Customers are now free to choose the best deployment option for their requirements, ” John Roberts, Founder & VP Engineering, X2CRM | X2Engine.

X2CRM also includes several new features, including a new Web Landing Page builder, a Visual Code Editor, over 30 prepackaged marketing automation workflows, packaged email templates, and a new Nearby Contacts map view for X2Touch mobile application.

X2CRM Version 6.9 Update Highlights:

X2CRM Enterprise Edition for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Compute & On-Premise
New with X2CRM Enterprise Edition are three new deployment options. Customers can now deploy X2CRM on custom configured, dedicated servers on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Compute platforms. This allows customers to utilize the full-native features of both AWS and Google GCC to extend and maximize their X2CRM deployments for their exact requirements. Additionally, X2CRM Enterprise Edition is also available for traditional, on-premise deployments to allow customers to run X2CRM in their own data centers or local cloud providers.

X2CRM Enterprise Edition Code Editor
The advantage of X2CRM is our commitment to open technologies giving our customers the ability to configure and customize X2CRM for their exact needs. Included with Enterprise Edition is a new Visual PHP and Javascript integrated development code editor. In addition to using X2’s powerful visual studio module editor, developers can now directly access X2’s PHP and JS source code for specific customizations to meet customer requirements. Now developers can simply open X2’s Visual Code Editor inside of X2CRM and directly create, modify, debug and deploy code level modifications without the need to setup an external development environment.

Web Landing Page Creator
X2CRM’s new Web Landing Page creator is a marketing automation designer that makes it easy to create visually compelling, personalized, and targeted website landing pages. It also includes built in visitor tracking, such as location detection. Designers can easily target messages and offers to prospective customers based on their workflow targeting rules. Web Landing Page creator also includes custom HTML, CSS, header and footer code to easily integrate with existing customer websites.

X2CRM Mobile Android and iOS Apps
X2CRM 6.9 introduces a number of new mobile application enhancements. X2CRM is fast becoming a primary tool for mobile users by allowing the full contact action history to be seen on mobile devices. New in version 6.9 is the ability to view ‘Nearby Contacts’ enabling users to quickly view nearby customer activity in an easy to read map view, prompting actionable sales opportunities based on nearby customer interactions.

About X2CRM
X2CRM | X2Engine, Inc. of Santa Cruz, California, is a global provider of open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Marketing Automation and Cloud Services. X2Engine was founded in 2011 by John Roberts, a CRM entrepreneur with the mission to create an enterprise CRM platform with built in workflow and process automation designers. Translated into over fifteen languages, X2CRM today is one of the fastest growing open source CRM applications worldwide with over 40,000 deployments. Visit www.x2crm.com to learn more.
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