XMPie®, A Xerox Company, the leading provider of software solutions for Individualized Communications Management (ICM), announced today the addition of the XMPie Mapping Service™ to its robust portfolio of 1:1 cross-media products and services. A joint development and cooperation with locr GmbH, a leading supplier of geo data and personalized street and city maps based in Germany, the new subscription-based service will allow XMPie users to easily and efficiently incorporate personalized, high-resolution maps into print and/or online media.

"By partnering with locr on this initiative, we are ensuring reliable, advanced and cost-effective dynamic mapping capabilities for our customers," said Jonny Miller, vice president, Customer Operations and Business Development at XMPie. "And when suitably incorporated into 1:1 multichannel campaigns, personalized maps have the potential to act as a very powerful call-to-action, driving more response and revenue."

The service, which is available to XMPie uDirect® Premier and PersonalEffect® users, integrates locr mapping capabilities with XMPie's built-in mechanism for extendibility — QLingo Extensions. After purchasing an affordable annual subscription plan through XMPie based on desired map volume, customers will be able to invoke the locr QLingo Extension from within XMPie and simply define ADOR® objects to represent dynamic map images. Such ADOR objects can then be placed in the print or Web document template, and the maps will be automatically generated for each recipient in the database upon deployment and execution of the personalized campaign.

Maps can be generated for more than 100 countries worldwide, with various route options connecting a starting point and destination if desired. Maps can also include graphic elements, such as pre-defined icons for the target location or nearby places of interest. Since map material is based on the most recent raw data of the leading navigation supplier, NAVTEQ, and updated on a quarterly basis, the XMPie Mapping Service ensures up-to-date and reliable data.

"Personalized maps deliver attractive and valuable information that gets consumers' attention, which has resulted in a significant increase in direct mail success and conversion rates for our customers," says Rolf Richter, CEO of locr GmbH. "Now, through this new integration, XMPie users who are already creating response-generating cross-media campaigns have another proven element to offer their customers with little additional investment." The XMPie Mapping Service is now available worldwide.

To learn more about this new offering and other XMPie products that power personalized, multichannel marketing campaigns and Web-to-print sites, please call 212-479-5166 or visit www.xmpie.com.


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