ProDocumentSolutions, a NASPO certified provider of secure documents and products, announced they have developed and are now offering a 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) high end security paper trademarked SafeImage+™. Along with being the first environmental friendly security paper SafeImage+™ also incorporates extraordinary security layers which will dramatically hinder fraud attempts. These security layers include a custom designed 3 dimensional true watermark with unique security and recycled images, UV dull, toner adhesion on both sides, UV visible green and gold fibers, invisible UV orange fibers, 5 chemical stain protection and is fully MICR/OCR compliant.

In addition to the high end security SafeImage+ incorporates the 100% recycled paper also provides extensive environmental savings. For every four cartons of 8 ½ x 11 size paper used compared to its virgin equivalent the paper saves our environment 2.84 MMBTU or energy, 2.2 pounds of NOx, 1588 gallons of water, 522 pounds of CO2, 200 pounds of solid waste and 2 trees.

About ProDocumentSolutions
ProDocumentSolutions (Pro) a security, technology and election printing company along with its three operating entities, ProVoteSolutions (ProVote), Verify First Technologies (VFT) and International Security Products (ISP), is recognized as a world leader in election printing and the development and patenting of anti-fraud printing solutions. Pro has been recognized for its superior security contributions and most notably by achieving the coveted 2006, 07, 08, 09, 010, and 011 Grand Winner PSDA Document Security Peak Awards. Pro is also a certified NASPO security manufacturing facility.


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