CapStone Technologies LLC today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 8,621,831 for a robotic solution to sleeve United States Postal Service (“USPS”) mail trays. The patented AutoViri™ (auto-`VEER-ē: meaning automatic man) Sleever eliminates the human effort required to enclose commercially produced mail pieces inside USPS supplied containers for presentment to Postal Distribution Centers.

All mail presented to the USPS by commercial printers and mailers is contained in USPS supplied trays and sleeves – a cardboard covering for the trays. With over 160 billion pieces delivered annually by the Post Office, preparing and presenting finished mail pieces to the USPS by mail producers represents a staggering amount of human effort, part of a trillion dollar industry. “The AutoViri™ Sleever, now in its third generation and producing thousands of trays daily at leading manufacturers, is a huge cost saver for our clients” said Fritz Buglewicz EVP, of Business Development at CapStone. 

The AutoViri™ Sleever utilizes a six-axis robot to automatically pick folded USPS sleeves from a large queue, form the sleeve around the tray containing mail pieces and move the sleeved tray via conveyor for palletizing and trucking to the Post Office. “One of our clients produces close to 14,000 trays of mail each day. The labor saved alone on that single process pays for itself in less than 12 months with the robotic solution we have there” says Robb Hagen Director of Projects at CapStone. “The AutoViri™ robots are the same high quality, high precision robots you would see in Detroit and other heavy industry. They are built to last and perform non-stop with incredible accuracy”. 

“Other attempts at a solution have been tried and failed in the past by others. With robotics, CapStone now has the technology to compensate for the varied condition of trays and sleeves supplied by the USPS. Since they are used multiple times and in different sizes, there is a mix of old, new, plastic, cardboard, torn, bent conditions, and the AutoViri™ Sleever handles them all” says Mr. Buglewicz.

The AutoViri™ Sleever is part of a larger suite of robotic mailing solutions that automate print and mail production. CapStone also holds a patent for AutoViri Traying, which robotically places mail pieces into USPS trays. AutoViri™ Robotics with associated scanning and software technology, takes mail production to a highly automated and traceable process, allowing mailers to stay competitive in an environment with ever increasing compliance pressure from the USPS. See production video of AutoViri™ at:

About CapStone Technologies
CapStone Technologies LLC is a Nebraska based business engineering firm, specializing in efficiency improvement in the print and mail industry. For more information about CapStone and AutoViri™, visit or contact Fritz Buglewicz at 402-680-2080.
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