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  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software kicked off its annual user conference, Inspire 2014, at the Aria Resort Las Vegas today by announcing the launch of Perceptive Evolution, a scalable, enterprise-class platform to power a new generation of enterprise process and content management solutions.

  • Perceptive Software Chief Technology Officer Brian Anderson described Evolution as mobilizing all Perceptive product families—capture, content, process and search—within a unified hybrid cloud environment, in which just the right functions and features coalesce to create rich solutions that support customers’ changing business information needs on a global scale.

  • The Perceptive Evolution hybrid cloud platform prepares customers for their governance, security and globalization challenges by providing increased agility to house, move and manage content quickly and easily between the public cloud, a private cloud, and on premises.

  • Perceptive Evolution’s web services architecture makes it faster and easier for customers to adopt and integrate solutions into their enterprise, while at the same time allowing Perceptive engineers to add new capabilities much more quickly. An example is Perceptive Cloud Share, a web-based solution for organizations to store, collaborate and share rich content in a controlled, permission-based manner.

  • Perceptive Evolution features a single, responsive interface that flexes across every device and operating system, providing a consistent and optimal view of the information customers need, wherever or whenever they need it.

  • The first product built on the Evolution platform, Perceptive Cloud Share, will be available in May.

Supporting Quotes
“The Perceptive Evolution native cloud platform addresses the consumerization of IT, and allows for rapid development of specific industry solutions by both Perceptive and Perceptive development partners,” said Scott Coons, president and CEO, Perceptive Software and vice president, Lexmark International. “Perceptive Evolution provides modern knowledge workers the secure and flexible information management foundation needed to meet their changing business needs.”

Perceptive Software CTO Brian Anderson said, “Perceptive Evolution is the foundation for the future, providing customers complete flexibility in how they deploy and use Perceptive capture, content, process and search technologies to solve their unique unstructured information challenges. This hybrid cloud foundation is fast, easy to implement and highly scalable so it will grow with customers, with no effort on their part. Built with integration at its core, the Evolution client framework delivers a consistent user experience across all device types.”

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