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  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software announces the launch of Perceptive Enterprise Search 10.3 and Perceptive Workgroup Search 10.3. Version 10.3 introduces many new features that enhance the optimal search experience and empower users to take more actions on their search results.

  • Perceptive Search 10.3 provides superior search results that accurately represent content through high-definition, the new standard for viewing documents in the Search interface. With high-definition, documents in most formats, when searched, will be presented in HTML 5 with all formatting, images and styles preserved. Users viewing documents indexed in high-definition will experience a next generation HTML 5 viewer, showcasing pagination, near- pixel perfect renditions with a full set of document controls.

  • Fidelity options for content rendering in Perceptive Search 10.3 allow administrators to set the appropriate level of fidelity for displaying search results. Options include several levels of standard text, standard XHTML and high-definition HTML5 that produce near-perfect paginated renditions.

  • The addition of a document thumbnail preview provides Perceptive Enterprise Search 10.3 users additional confidence that they are selecting the right search results. With a glance at the first page of search results, users can often determine if the files meet the desired criteria. This instant visual confirmation of the search results further accelerates user productivity.

  • Perceptive Search 10.3 enables organizations to extend high-performance search into more of their enterprise applications and repositories with new connector options that access content in Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2013, and Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.

Supporting Quotes
“Perceptive Search 10.3 empowers users to make quicker and more precise search selections. Built on an enterprise- and workgroup-focused, highly secure platform, new features in Perceptive Search 10.3 further enhance the quality, transparency and fidelity of search results,” said Brian Anderson, chief technology officer, Perceptive Software.

About Perceptive Software (
Lexmark’s Perceptive Software (NYSE: LXK) builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect the unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people who need it most.

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