Videk, a leading provider of document integrity assurance systems, and Ironsides Technology, a production workflow software provider today announce a formal strategic alliance to deliver new powerful end-to-end solutions optimizing production intelligence for print and mail operations. Together, Videk’s core vision-based print and post print verification systems along with Ironsides’ enterprise-wide document tracking solutions, piece-level accountability and workflow automation, will reduce operating costs, ensure document compliance and provide production benchmarking information to ultimately optimize operational efficiencies for large document production providers.

About Videk
Videk is a leading global provider of vision-based print verification systems, inserter input and output scanning systems, and data management software. Our focus is on empowering zero-defect production for organizations with mission-critical document communications programs - enabling print service providers to increase productivity, reduce manual labor, assure security and regulatory compliance and reduce waste. Additional information about Videk is available at

About Ironsides Technology
Ironsides Technology is a software development and integration firm, providing workflow automation and enterprise wide integrity tracking solutions across all production devices and processes. Our open tracking and reporting system starts end to end from customer order receipt at the record level; to the print spool and through finish, mailing and shipping. Ironsides' APT system reduces the risk of compliance penalties and increases productivity with real time controls while reducing our clients' cost per job and piece. Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, Ironsides maintains an additional engineering and support facility in Wuhan, China. For more information on Ironsides Technology, please visit


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