kloudtrack®and Formtree today announced a collaborative effort to integrate Formtree mobile data collection solutions with kloudtrack cloud-based data management and workflow systems. The integrated solutions are designed to acquire and transport secure, mobile paperless transactions with audit-ability and transparency geared toward Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) across numerous industries.

Under the agreement, Formtree has joined the kloudtrack Innovation Sandbox™ as a vendor partner. Innovation Sandbox vendor partners work in tandem to identify customer Use Cases that could be addressed meaningfully with innovative technologies. Vendor partners also work with academia teams from research universities to implement and evaluate results of Use Case deployments.

"The Innovation Sandbox presents a compelling new twist on IT procurement and channel opportunities," stated Michael Venezia, Chief Operating Officer of Formtree. "As an early stage tech company, we were looking for a sales model that would allow us to pool resources with other like-minded innovators while also leveraging other communities that have similar goals. The combination of emerging innovative vendors with Applied IT teams from leading universities presents a very efficient engagement model that allows customers to test innovations under a proof of concept."

A strategic part of the Formtree-kloudtrack mobility solution is to provide a service wherein customary paper-based business forms and clipboard actions of the client's field personnel will be converted into integrated mobile apps for easy input on PC-based and mobile devices powered by systems such as Apple® iOS®, Android® and other mobile operating systems. This opens deployments to a wide array of hand-sets, tablets or other mobile devices. These applications have direct benefits for organizations in a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

"From insurance, banking and securities, to government at all levels, to healthcare, to manufacturing, to real estate, to education organizations in almost every industry sector still widely utilize paper forms and written signatures," stated Jan Levine, founder|CTO of kloudtrack. "The advent of Web-based fill-able form applications along with sophisticated Cloud 2.0® approaches to operational improvement, workflow and best-practice management affords organizations of all sizes the ability to automate core business functions in ways never imagined," added Levine.

Formtree-kloudtrack® solutions are available immediately and are being integrated with other traditional enterprise software, cloud computing and mobile applications. 

About kloudtrack®
Headquartered in Annapolis, MD kloudtrack® is a cybersecurity and cloud computing (Cyber|Cloud) company that integrates best-practice management and audit-trails that place a premium on monitoring users, collaborations and risks related to sensitive data assets and processes. kloudtrack® is one of the first providers to address industry-specific governance, risk and compliance (GRC) standards in Cyber|Cloud environments across multiple vertical industries. Sectors include fin-serv (SEC/FINRA/Basel Accords/FED), health-medical (HIPAA/CCHIT/FDA-REMS) and government (FIPS/FISMA/FedRAMP), and many others. This understanding and integration of GRC factors and certifications sets kloudtrack® technologies, solutions and IP apart in the market and is now available via the Innovation Sandbox™ ecosystem. Learn more at www.kloudtrack.com or contact the company directly at 240-499-3844 or sales@kloudtrack.com.

About Formtree
Formtree is a paperless, cloud based form filling software. It enables secure straight through processing for businesses without the need for a laborious overhaul in their current business model. Formtree takes standardized business forms and migrates them to an easily accessible cloud platform. Formtree technologies and solutions are tailored to meet varied operational and industry-related requirements. Initial industry sectors include healthcare/medical, financial services, government/public sector, real estate, and general small business. Solutions combine affordability with innovations that address governance/risk and compliance. To find out more about Formtree, please visit formtree.co, or contact Mike Venezia at mike@formtree.co or Bryan Goldberg at bryan@formtree.co.

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