BancTec, a leading global provider of document, content and payment processing solutions and outsourcing services, has announced the release of CaseVision, a powerful workflow and case management platform for enterprise applications.

CaseVision allows organisations to collaborate on data-intensive business tasks more effectively to ensure a higher quality and faster customer response.

"With CaseVision, staff situated across departments and geographical boundaries can quickly access all related information to complete client tasks and cases." says Ian Painter, head of EMEA Marketing at BancTec. "It provides a greater level of control over business activities across an organisation. The collaborative framework supports faster and more informed decision making, while more structured routines present case workers with the relevant information required to complete client activities according to company procedures."

CaseVision manages all information assets captured from multiple channels and makes them readily available to the business within virtual client folders. By ensuring all communications are applied to the appropriate folder, and dynamically linked to any associated case file, organisations gain a comprehensive single view of the customer's history.

The software progresses each client case through a dynamic process that can change according to the data received externally and the contributions from internal case workers. Staff can access the most relevant information whenever and wherever it is needed, collaborate on the required activities and accelerate task management, via context-based workflow processes, to make decision making more efficient and effective. Advanced case monitoring and tracking delivers additional accountability and more control to customer services operations and so better supports regulatory requirements.

This ability to manage middle and front-office collaborative activities, as well as more structured back-office processes, lends CaseVision to managing a client's case through the full end-to-end transactional process. Client cases arriving from diverse sources such as the mail room, email and telephony channels, company websites and even social media sites, can be progressed from origination all the way through to final resolution.

"By adopting CaseVision, organisations can successfully increase the rate at which they successfully resolve cases and respond back through the client's communication channel of choice." concluded Pete Dinham, global product director, at BancTec. "As a result, customers experience greatly-improved levels of service and staff members can work in a more productive, satisfying environment."

About CaseVision
CaseVision is built from BancTec's highly successful eFIRST Process toolkit, a powerful and well established suite of tools for streamlining and optimising complex business processes while enforcing business principles in company and regulatory policies.

CaseVision builds upon more than twenty years of experience, garnered from hundreds of data-intensive industry environments. By enabling the rapid development of scalable case management applications, organisations can now respond to change, redistribute valuable company resources, achieve process efficiency and gain greater control of their business functions.

The CaseVision benefits:

The ability to manage a diverse range of information assets - CaseVision has been integrated with the BancTec Vision family of applications that transforms information into digital assets and provides a structured, highly automated solution for managing data from specific communication channels such as social sites, mailrooms, websites, email and mobile channels.

Integration to back and middle-office business processes - including supporting dynamic, unstructured processes that involve collaborative tasks.
Out-of-the-box solutions - can be provided out-of-the box for applications such as client on-boarding, complaint handling, claims management and exceptions handling.

Advanced case monitoring and tracking - having visibility of a process is key but today's environment also requires staff to be accountable for their activities. CaseVision supports these methodologies by providing assisted task management to deliver first class, and more accountable, customer services.

Supports compliancy requirements and eDiscovery activities.
Designed to ease the development of complex solutions around Case Management, Business Process Management and Document Workflow applications.

About BancTec
BancTec is a global leader in financial transaction automation and document management services for organisations seeking to drive efficiency in financial back-office processes.

Combined with Dataforce Group, BancTec is now one of the world's largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) businesses addressing the transaction processing, workflow and document management markets.

BancTec serves a blue chip client base spanning over 50 countries, with a global team of more than 4,000 employees across 35 offices and operating centres. BancTec uses a common technology platform to deliver reliability, security and consistently high levels of performance.

BancTec's business philosophy is based on building long-term, collaborative relationships by providing continuous business value to its clients, driving opportunity for its employees and creating significant return for its stockholders.

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