Compart helps companies increase the efficiency of its operational processes through solutions for rapid and flexible processing of high-volume amounts of transaction documents. The scalable and platform-independent product family DocBridge® which is designed, developed and maintained by Compart, the issuance of these documents allowed at any time and at any place both digitally and on paper. Worldwide, the company enjoys a reputation as an innovative leader and as a developer of professional and pioneering solutions in the field of document management. More than 1,200 customers in 42 countries from various industries such as finance, insurance, retail, printing industry, the telecommunications industry, the utilities sector and healthcare sectors employ solutions of Compart. In addition, Compart is a technology partner for many leading manufacturers in the industry.

Quality assurance has always been a top priority at Compart. The company with international reach offers solutions and tools that cover all areas and processes of document checking, including rules validation (CI, compliance), direct document comparison at the object and text level, and different test procedures (regression, iteration, and conversion tests). The tools are modular in design for combining as needed and integrating at any point in the production process.
Oct. 16 2015
If you are involved in the production of high-volume, high-value transactional customer communications—especially if you are in Financial Services or Insurance—you are working in the gyre of...