Nick Inglis

Mr. Inglis is a founding partner of Optismo and co-founder of The Information Governance Conference. He was formerly a director at AIIM. He is an AIIM SharePoint Master, AIIM ECM Master, AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Master, AIIM Electronic Records Management Specialist and an IMCP. He resides in Providence, RI with his son Conor Atom Inglis, and is a highly sought consultant and educator nationally.
July 29 2021
There's no doubt that the pandemic accelerated many organizations’ digital transformation journeys
Dec. 30 2014
We love folders. They are our digital comfort food. We can create them with ease; we can add to them; we can nest them. In our organizations, however, they become cumbersome to manage, make it difficult...
Oct. 16 2014
Information governance is a term that has been bandied about for some time now. However, as an action item for a CIO, until recently, it remained near the bottom of the list. This view has slowly been...
Aug. 18 2014
Information governance, as an industry, has been maturing and coming to the forefront at many leading organizations. I’ve had the opportunity to see much of this maturation at various organizations...