Ike Kavas

Ike Kavas founded Ephesoft, Inc., a fast-growing company that has developed patented supervised machine learning solutions that help organizations mine unstructured content into useful data. He currently serves as the CEO of Ephesoft and has 20 years of document capture, document management, workflow, and systems engineer experience. A self-described techie and serial entrepreneur, Ike has become an expert in the document capture industry and the founder of three successful ventures. He also achieved the CDIA+ certification and has been involved with hundreds of projects using products from EMC-Captiva, Kofax, Readsoft, TIS, OpenText, Microsoft, and Xerox. Ike earned his BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and studied Computer Architecture at Anatolia University.
What IT Leaders Need to Know About Cloud and Data
May 15 2019
In information technology (IT) departments around the world, discussions around cloud migration and data privacy dominate the conversation. Consumers expect