Cima Software, a major provider of a process oriented Information Management software product called DocuClass now offers its powerful and comprehensive solution as a hosted solution to its customers.

As Cloud computing is on everybody's mind, the developers of the DocuClass ECM suite have had their heads in the clouds as well, designing an optimal solution for a hosted version of their award winning software. They created the hosted version, called DaaS (DocuClass as a Service) combining the powerful features and userfriendly applications of the client/server system with the convenience of a cloud-based system in a secure environment. With DaaS, companies are not only able to access, search, retrieve and store their documents and information securely, but also manage their information and trigger business processes without the need for costly software investment or infrastructure expenditures.

So why are we excited to share this news with you? Because DaaS is not just a hosted search and retrieve document management system, but its developers succeeded in moving the functionality that makes a great information management system into the cloud. For example, DaaS allows companies to update documents, create, submit and work with electronic forms, use advanced business routing and workflow commands through the internet, all while ensuring the integrity and security of all processes, data, information, and documents. Furthermore, DaaS is completely browser and platform independent, thus the user decides whether to use an Apple computer or a Windows environment running their internet on any browser they choose. In addition to using the classic access through a laptop or desktop computer, users can retrieve information and participate in workflows through their tablets and smart phones.

All this and more allows companies to employ a powerful Enterprise Content Management Solution without the need for a capital budget and infrastructure updates, but with predictable fees, a fast ROI, and minimal IT involvement.

For more information visit, email, or phone 412-963-7390.


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