April 18 2024 09:58 AM

New release includes partnership with Gilmore Doculink, a long-standing Quadient Mail-Related Solutions customer, to offer businesses high-quality outsourcing services

Quadient announced a major new release in Canada for its Quadient Impress cloud-based platform, now offering multichannel document delivery capabilities to support small and medium businesses (SMBs) in their customer communications efforts. The new release includes mail outsourcing services as a result of a newly established partnership with Ottawa, Ontario-based Gilmore Doculink, a long-time Quadient customer of its Mail-Related Solutions.

Quadient has a long history of helping Canadian organizations to automate and optimize mail preparation, ensuring the integrity and traceability of locally printed communications with its document automation platform, Quadient Impress. As customer communications and interactions become increasingly personalized across a growing number of digital channels, the complexity associated with delivering secure communications grows. Now with the expanded features of Quadient Impress, business users, in-office and remote users can send one, hundreds or thousands of physical or digital business communications in minutes with a few clicks, saving hours of manual mail preparation and processing work.

Quadient Impress uploads and sends documents digitally through secure, branded customer portals, tracked emails or SMS texts. And now in partnership with Gilmore Doculink, Quadient Impress offers the additional capacity to outsource physical mail via Gilmore’s production facility, offering high-level mail printing, sorting, stuffing and metering for delivery.

“With the launch of expanded capabilities for the Quadient Impress platform in Canada, we continue our mission to help SMBs accelerate their transition to more digitalized and automated processes,” said Lou Gizzarelli, president of Quadient Canada. “The new multichannel delivery capabilities, including outsourcing to Gilmore through our partnership, will enable our customers in Canada not only to automate the preparation of business mailings, but also to develop new communication strategies tailored to their customers’ preferences. Our cloud-based platform helps companies to effectively manage their transition to digital while remaining confident that they are increasing customer satisfaction and freeing their employees’ time to concentrate on higher-level tasks.”

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