Kodak Alaris has announced that KODAK S3000 and KODAK S3000 Max Series Scanners are now compatible with its Mail-in Ballot Processing Solution.

In July 2022, Kodak Alaris introduced a new all-in-one scanning solution that combines the powerful capture capabilities of the KODAK i4000 Series Scanner with software from Logicworks and Parascript to automate the processing of mail-in ballot envelopes and verify voter signatures for elections in the United States. The launch was in direct response to demand from county election officials for a technology solution to help manage the heavy volume of mail-in ballots over a short span of time. The 2020 Presidential Election saw an overwhelming majority (69.4%) of voters cast ballots by non-traditional methods.

The Mail-in Ballot Processing Solution from Kodak Alaris enables election agencies to automate ballot verification, improve processing time, and reduce human resource requirements. The solution not only helped election staff in Nassau County, Florida to dramatically speed up the time it takes to process mail-in ballots, but it also made it easier for them to maintain compliance with record retention mandates. Scott Miller, Director of Elections in Nassau County, said: “It's a great system that we really enjoy, and it makes our office more efficient - we can do a lot more in less time. It does what it's designed to do really well and is highly effective for our election staff."

Joseph Odore, Product Portfolio Marketing Manager at Kodak Alaris, added: “Speed and accuracy are critical during federal and local election cycles. All 50 states require a valid signature on mail-in ballots, and in 2020, 32.8% of all rejected ballots were because of a non-matching signature. Manually checking and verifying individual envelopes and signatures is a slow, cumbersome, and error-prone process. Our fast, accurate, and secure mail-in ballot scanning solution captures the signature on each envelope and compares it to the signature of record. This fast, automated process delivers up to a 95% increase in ballot processing efficiency, and we’re excited to extend the solution to work with the KODAK S3000 and KODAK S3000 Max Series Scanners, which feature embedded image processing to reduce demands on PCs and further improve productivity by speeding up scanning workflows.”

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