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How to use AI to improve your customer experience


Many of today’s business owners are using AI tech to help improve customer experience. Here are some ways where you can use AI to leave a lasting impression.

Create Better Targeted Ads
No one would say they like being advertised to. Many feel that they're seeing more ads than ever before, and they're more intrusive. That can sound discouraging since you have to get your product in front of the customer, and that means advertising. How can you ensure they won't dismiss it out of hand?

Many businesses are using AI machine learning to create much more targeted ads. AI can learn more about a customer, thanks to search histories, customer profiles, online behavior and more. The more data it has, the better the ad for the customer. As such, they'll be much more likely to feel favorable towards an ad and make a purchase.

Offering AI Chatbots
This is something you may have come across online. “You want to be able to answer customers' questions whenever possible, but you can't be online 24/7,” says business blogger Kelly Cassidy, from Write My X and 1 Day 2 Write. “A chatbot will be available all the time, and can give most customers what they need.”

AI chatbots are able to answer most questions a customer may have, offering advice or directing them to the correct page. When customers use a chatbot, they'll be more likely to stay and buy from your site, rather than getting frustrated and bouncing when they can't find what they need.

Personalized Search
This is something that you're already seeing in action on many big sites. If you have a lot of different products on your site, then it can take a long time to search through it all. For example, if you run a housewares site, you could stock hundreds if not thousands of mugs. How will the customer find one that suits their needs?

AI-powered personalized search uses customer data to help narrow down the search to what the customer wants. You see this on Netflix. They have thousands of titles, so they use that data to bring you what you may like, based on things like your viewing history and what you have in your watch later list.

Anticipating and Preventing Issues
Customer service AI is becoming so sophisticated that it can predict if issues are going to happen and take steps to remedy the situation. When this happens, it improves the customer experience as they don't have to reach out to the company to put things right.

There are lots of ways you can see this happening. “For example, a hotel can offer early check-in to someone whose flight came in early, or a printer service can let you know when you're running low on ink and offer a link to order more,” says Ruby-Mae Ingram, a marketing writer at Academicbrits and Brit Student. “Having a company anticipate these issues quickly makes the customer experience much better.”

Eliminating the Need For Returns
Right now, around 30% of all online purchases are returned. That's frustrating for both you and the customer, and you want to find a way to reduce this. You'll never get the number down to 0%, but AI can help reduce returns by offering help to customers.

A good AI will be able to use data to see if a customer is likely to return items. For example, if they have multiples of the same clothing item in their basket, that's a sign that they don't know which size they should buy. The AI chatbot can come in, and offer help with sizing.

These are just a few ways AI is currently helping enhance the customer service experience. With so much available, you'll be able to really start making the shopping experience on your site as good as it can be.

George J. Newton is a business development manager, writing with Essay Help and Dissertation Writing Service. He focuses on tech in business, and it helps growth. He also writes for Coursework Help.
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