Feb. 8 2022 11:52 AM

Joint customers benefit from more engaging customer experiences and streamlined operations

Smart Communications and OneSpan Inc. have announced a partnership that integrates OneSpan’s e-signature product, OneSpan Sign, into the Smart Communications platform to extend the value of the total customer experience. This integration creates operational efficiencies as well as improves the customer experience. By streamlining digital agreement processes, joint customers achieve higher customer satisfaction and increased application completions that shorten time to revenue, all while demonstrating compliance.

Customers are increasingly comfortable engaging with companies across a variety of digital channels including email, SMS and in-app messages. Enterprises must evolve their strategies to support a safe and secure digital customer journey based on an increasingly paperless world. By embedding OneSpan Sign into Smart Communications solutions, companies can collect customer information through intelligent, interview-style digital forms, produce easy-to-review, personalized, and compliant documents, and facilitate real-time signatures by digitizing the agreement workflow.

Integrating Smart Communications and OneSpan Sign transforms content-centric workflows to achieve notable ROI including:
  • Frictionless digital experiences that improve CX and lead to higher application completions;
  • Decreased errors, NIGO rates, and spend by reducing paper, printing and mailing costs;
  • Strongest audit trail in the industry to help demonstrate compliance.
The partnership helps enterprise organizations – particularly those in regulated industries such as insurance, financial services, and healthcare – optimize agreement signing processes and workflows including:
  • Insurance – Accelerates online policy acquisition by digitizing the initiation and completion of claims;
  • Financial Services – Modernizes new account openings and loan origination plus services existing customers to shorten sales and response cycles;
  • Healthcare – Streamlines group benefits enrollment, patient onboarding, and patient consent forms.
“OneSpan’s focus on creating trusted agreements fits perfectly into our commitment to empower our customers to deliver intelligent conversational experiences that streamline the process while maintaining strict security and compliance standards,” said Smart Communications Chief Revenue Officer, Dave Towers. “By eliminating risk associated with document errors, this seamless and secure experience is paramount for maintaining consumer trust and company integrity, which will benefit all our joint customers, particularly those in the banking, insurance and healthcare industries.”

“Clunky and complex forms add unnecessary friction to digital agreement processes,” said OneSpan’s Chief Revenue Officer, John Gunn. “Forms modernization is key to minimizing friction during any new customer acquisition experience. Our partnership with Smart Communications allows our joint customers to create faster and more intelligent forms that are easy to complete before they’re e-signed.”

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