Kodak Alaris has announced a new line of Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 Scanners to help organizations meet the image quality standards required to be compliant with the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). All text-based records submitted to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for permanent archival must be FADGI 3-star compliant by January 1, 2023.

To be FADGI 3-star compliant, a device must produce high-quality images that enable researchers to note details like paper condition and weave, age, ink type, and more. The images are 300 ppi and well-suited for OCR and reprint on commercial printers.

With FADGI-compliant scanners from Kodak Alaris, organizations can be assured that all digital images submitted to NARA will comply with FADGI 3-star requirements. These scanners undergo a rigorous characterization process that accounts for various device conditions that may cause variances in image quality, such as start-of-day scanning, continued use, and environmental conditions.

Upon completion of the characterization process, each device is assigned a custom device profile for the included AQIST (Archival Quality Image Scanning Tool) software. This software makes it easy for device operators to produce FADGI-compliant images from the Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 Scanners.

“The award-winning Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 Scanners provide the processing speed, smooth paper flow, and document handling versatility needed in high volume scanning environments,” said Matthew Doolittle, WW Portfolio Manager, Hardware, Kodak Alaris. “They’re a perfect fit for Federal Scanning Service Bureaus and business processing outsourcing organizations, and now they are FADGI compliant out of the box.”

With the Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 Scanners, you can toggle between FADGI and non-FADGI compliant modes. When FADGI isn’t required, the non-FADGI compliant mode can load documents in landscape mode, which allows the device to scan at maximum engine speed.

The FADGI-compliant Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 Scanners are available now. All purchases of FADGI-compliant scanners from Kodak Alaris include professional installation, AQIST software, and extended service to ensure compliant images throughout the life of the product.

Join the Kodak Alaris team at WEST 2022, the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast, from Feb.16-18, 2022. The team will be presenting Kodak Alaris FADGI capabilities and the Kodak i5250 will be on display in the Kodak Alaris booth #1417.

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