Every second, each individual creates 1.7 MB of information and about one-third of that data gets processed in the cloud — much of it through unsecured tools leaving sensitive information vulnerable to cyber attack. In addition, US offices will use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper this year. We are still printing, copying, faxing, mailing and filing thousands of paper documents, which are difficult to control and even harder to secure.

Digitech Systems announces the availability of PaperVision ScanPro, an easy-to-use document digitization and upload tool that not only tightly locks down data during transfer to the cloud, but also allows users to create identifying index values (sometimes called metadata) during scanning that enable quick retrieval using keywords when the document is accessed later. ScanPro makes it easier for companies to maintain compliance with data privacy and security regulations during this unprecedented season when more people are working remotely than ever before.

Earlier this year, Digitech Systems announced general availability for PaperVision.com, a fully featured information management system in the cloud offered at a per-user, feature-based price, which allows organizations to add users and grow into additional functionality such as process automation and record retention over time. PaperVision.com was named the Outstanding Cloud Content Management Service for 2020 by Keypoint Intelligence. The Company relied on expertise garnered from more than twenty years of managing sensitive information for thousands of companies in their cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, ImageSilo®. PaperVision ScanPro is designed to work directly with PaperVision.com and ImageSilo.

ScanPro is an easy way to get content into the cloud because:
  • ScanPro enables bulk upload of multiple documents from a scanner or import from a multi-function device into either PaperVision.com or ImageSilo.
  • Security settings from ImageSilo or PaperVision.com policies are inherited, so information stays secure from the moment it is scanned.
  • You can instantly enter index values by clicking on the words in the scanned image (Quick Click), matching a key index value to related information in a database (Match and Merge), or accessing additional information using barcodes.
  • Additional features make scanning simple such as: image cleanup filters to correct scanning errors like speckles or skewed pages and support for more than 300 scanners and multi-function devices (MRD) so you don’t have to buy hardware.

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