The SER Group has announced that the company has been recognized for its collaboration solution the Doxis4® iRoom® in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Content Collaboration Tools*.

Content collaboration tools build the basis for local and remote working and support all content-centric use cases. They assist employees in creating and managing content and collaborating on it. According to the Market Guide for Content Collaboration Tools, “Application leaders responsible for the digital workplace should use this Market Guide to understand the product landscape.”

‘New work nucleus’ drives need for content collaboration tools
Content collaboration tools are a crucial part of any digital workplace strategy, and the Market Guide addresses what Gartner calls the “new work nucleus”. According to a recent Gartner survey, “74% of CFOs intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently [post-COVID 19]"**. The Market Guide says, “Secure, trusted content collaboration tools are crucial for remote working.” Moreover, “Content collaboration is at the heart of the ‘new work nucleus,’ and organizations should include it as a key component of any IT modernization strategy.”

Beyond supporting the new work nucleus, the Market Guide states that “application leaders in charge of content collaboration as part of a digital workplace application strategy should support remote working and the modernization of work practices by replacing file systems with content collaboration tools.” It provides recommendations for decision-makers on deployment options, use cases, security and integration along with an overview of representative content collaboration tools. The Market Guide recognizes SER Group as a Representative Vendor for the Doxis4® iRoom®.

Doxis4® iRoom®:Best of both worlds
The Doxis4® iRoom®, as the SER Group sees it, uniquely joins a content services platform with process services and collaboration tools. As opposed to classical content services platforms which address internal users, or, e.g., classical content collaboration tools that focus on external users, the Doxis4® iRoom® unites these worlds on one comprehensive platform. In this set-up, internal and external users are able to collaborate from anywhere, securely access and work on the same information and drive business operations, even under new and challenging working conditions. To this end, the Doxis4® iRoom® supports a wide range of use cases, including:
· Virtual project rooms to work with external users, e.g. in construction projects
· Customer portals to exchange all kinds of documents, e.g. in insurance, telecommunications or banking
· Supplier management, e.g. integrated into a supplier portal
· Secure deal room for due diligence processes

A foundational platform such as Doxis4 is an effective tool for consolidating an organization’s diverse internal and external collaboration technologies, which acts as a cost-saving measure and ensures compliance and a common information basis – particularly useful not only during the transition period to the new normal, but also for long-term operational efficiency.

“We believe that content collaboration tools are essential to not only ensure business continuity in the new normal, but – integrated into a comprehensive content service platform – they set organizations up for greater agility and stability in the long run while empowering internal and external users to collaborate based on unified information. We are delighted the company has been recognized by Gartner in this field as a Representative Vendor for our collaboration tool, the Doxis4® iRoom® ,” says Morad Rhlid, Managing Director of SER Solutions International.

According to Gregor Joeris, CTO of the SER Group, “As a versatile platform, we think that Doxis4 supports a wide range of use cases to help organizations reach their business objectives. We know how important security and privacy are for our customers, which is why Doxis4 provides the highest level possible – be it in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both.”

You can read a complimentary copy of the complete Gartner Market Guide for Content Collaboration Tools here.

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