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In early August, Quadient, a leader in the customer communications management (CCM) software market, introduced the latest addition to its CCM solution portfolio with Quadient Archive & Retrieval, a product increasingly aimed at the customer service strategy. Tightly integrated with Quadient Inspire, their comprehensive CCM platform for the omni-channel design and deployment of communications across all channels, Archive & Retrieval is specifically built to handle the large volumes of output that are commonly generated in CCM environments, including high-volume batch customer communications and HTML5 formats.

Targeted at standardizing a central enterprise archive in organizations today, Quadient Archive & Retrieval is positioned to provide online document retrieval through self-service channels across browsers, mobile devices, and desktop environments, access to historical documentation and data for customer service representatives, insights into customer communications, and compliance with consumer privacy and data regulations.

“With new regulations requiring companies to be able to access customer documentation quickly and securely, it is no longer acceptable for businesses to utilize outdated and inefficient legacy archives for records and historical data,” said Chris Hartigan, Chief Solutions Officer of Customer Experience Management (CXM) at Quadient.

Quadient Archive & Retrieval boasts unique PDF indexing with extraction and compression capabilities, full-text search for content not easily identified by regular indexed data, retention management tools and legal holds, and automated report distribution for users on a set schedule. While this new solution entrant seems specifically targeted for CCM environments, it looks like it still has traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems in its sights. According to Quadient, Archive & Retrieval stores documents 75 times more efficiently than other traditional storage technology. It does this by compressing files into the archive, so PDF files only require 1.6 megabytes (MB) rather than 130 MB when stored individually on traditional ECM systems.

In addition to efficient storage, document retrieval, and regulatory compliance, Quadient Archive & Retrieval connects to third-party business intelligence tools, including IBM’s Watson Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics, data visualization software Tableau, and big data and machine learning analytics engine Apache Spark. Leveraging these analytics engines and data processing platforms allows organizations to connect to data stored in the centralized archive for analysis of customer communications, 360-degree view of the customer, and extraction of dark data.

Quadient Archive & Retrieval is generally available now.

Bryant Duhon is a Staff Writer and Contributing Editor at DOCUMENT Strategy, covering the latest technology trends and solutions in customer communications, marketing, customer experience, and information management markets. He was a longtime Editor, Community Manager, and Marketer at AIIM. Follow him on Twitter @bduhon.