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Content services software developer Nuxeo continues to add to their growing network of integrations for their cloud-native, low-code platform, introducing two new connectors to Sitecore, a digital experience solutions provider, and Aspera, IBM’s cloud-based data and file transfer product, as well as enhanced capabilities to their pre-existing connector to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The latest connectors allow users to access Nuxeo’s platform from within the Sitecore web content management environment, accelerates file transfers with Aspera, and facilitates full-text search as well as narrowed search capabilities in Adobe Creative Cloud against all asset properties and related objects in Nuxeo repositories.

As explained by Chris McLaughlin, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Nuxeo, “A core philosophy at Nuxeo is that people work in a wide variety of ways, and we should enable them to work in the applications and tools they prefer. This philosophy is reflected in the flexibility of the Nuxeo Platform and its ability to connect to other systems.”

In addition, Nuxeo is making some moves to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) arsenal with the arrival of their AI enrichment framework to support the recently introduced Nuxeo Insight Cloud service. Launched in June 2019, the Nuxeo Insight Cloud is a set of content-enrichment AI services, powered by their content services platform, that’s aimed at making AI and machine learning easy to use for a non-technical audience.

Rather than using generic data often found in basic AI services that leverage Google Vision or Amazon Rekognition to analyze images or videos, Nuxeo's Insight Cloud service was designed to allow companies to use their own data to build and train their own machine learning models, without the need for users to have coding experience or data science expertise. This latest addition continues to reinforce Nuxeo's emphasis on the ease of use of their tools for a business, not technical, audience.

The new AI enrichment framework allows organizations to set up and receive results from any number of third-party public AI services. Currently, the Nuxeo AI enrichment framework connects to 10 public AI services, including Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate, Amazon Rekognition Image, Amazon Rekognition Video, Google Vision AI, and SightEngine.

According to Nuxeo, they’re actively working on integrating additional third-party AI services (such as Google’s Document Understanding, which is targeted at extracting information locked inside of documents and converting unstructured documents into structured data) into the company’s enrichment framework in the short term.

Bryant Duhon is a Staff Writer and Contributing Editor at DOCUMENT Strategy, covering the latest technology trends and solutions in customer communications, marketing, customer experience, and information management markets. He was a longtime Editor, Community Manager, and Marketer at AIIM. Follow him on Twitter @bduhon.