Diversified Information Technologies, Inc. (Diversified), a leading provider of document and information lifecycle solutions, announced its eChart-Rx solution, a suite of medical records management and conversion services that addresses the growing demand for electronic medical records (EMR) in the healthcare market.

Diversified's new eChart-Rx suite of services is available nationally and can be deployed both on- and off-site. The suite addresses all phases of the medical records lifecycle, combining paper chart records storage with on-demand scanning, backfile scanning to all major EMR platforms, and on-site day forward scanning. Supported environments include Cerner, Siemens, McKesson, Allscripts/Misys, Nextgen, Epic, E-clinical Works, Meditech, Quadramed, Greenway, and more.

The eChart-Rx suite addresses one of the biggest challenges to EMR adoption: maintaining the availability of patient information for practitioners during the entire record conversion process. Diversified's suite also provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any scanning solution currently available in the market because we scan only the most active charts during implementation, and older charts are stored at one of our fully secure national record centers and scanned on-demand.

"The healthcare market will benefit greatly from our new eChart-Rx services, which are based on our proven processes and best-of-breed technology investments," said Scott Byers, CEO of Diversified. "Additionally, our eChart-Rx services ensure the security of patient information during the entire conversion process per HIPAA requirements. They also enable healthcare providers to increase operational efficiency, reduce storage needs, and ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date at all times."

Diversified's new eChart-Rx solution includes:

eChart-Rx Scan Center™: on-site scanning services designed for hospital-based day forward records conversion.

eChart-Rx Conversion™: off-site conversion services designed for hospital backfile records conversion.

eChart-Rx NetVault™: enables secure EMR storage and online access 24/7 through the Internet.

eChart-Rx OnSchedule™: scanning on schedule for practices requiring that information be delivered just in time. Patient records are securely stored at a Diversified records storage center and scanned into the EMR platform for scheduled appointments.

eChart-Rx OnRequest™: electronically delivers inactive patient charts to practitioners on request via a secure web application. Records are stored at one of Diversified's fully secure record centers and are available 24x7x365.

eChart-Rx Import™: an import utility that assists bulk loads of metadata from conversions into all popular software platforms with unique exception processing routines.

eChart-Rx EOB™: produces paper-based and electronic patient statements quickly and accurately. All statements can be made available online, eliminating the need for call centers and additional patient services.

"We work with physician practices every day that have tried to save money with document conversions, but in the end they have spent a small fortune to create a barrier to physician adoption. Outsourcing document conversion is the only successful method. We have been very happy with our choice to use Diversified and they have exceeded our expectations," commented Michael Justice, Senior Vice President, MD Solutions, Inc.

Diversified eChart-Rx services also include data conversion, data capture, and workflow automation. Services supports all HIM functions including RAC Audits, Release of Information, Chart Completion, Coding, Abstracting, Transcription and more.

About Diversified Information Technologies
Diversified Information Technologies, Inc. founded in 1982, is headquartered in Scranton, Pa, two hours from NYC. Diversified's solutions manage the complete document and information lifecycle and include integrated records management solutions for both physical and electronic records storage; document imaging, workflow automation, information management consulting, electronic mailroom processing, and printing, mailing and electronic presentment solutions. For more information, visit www.Diversified-EMR.com.


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