Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, announced that the company is further strengthening its environmental credentials. In support of the company's long-standing commitment to sustainability, the Océ North America Production Printing Systems division has recently earned Certified Green Partners certification. In addition, to help customers assess the true environmental impact of their own print operations and achieve carbon neutral production, the Océ North America Production Printing Systems division is unveiling an Eco-calculator that measures the CO2 emissions of Océ production printing equipment, along with the Océ Eco Start Program to offset those emissions. Océ is one of the first companies to offer an Eco-calculator and carbon offset program for production-class printing equipment.

The Océ North America Production Printing Systems division is also among the first companies in the industry to introduce a comprehensive program to help customers implement earth-friendly practices and contribute to a carbon-free business environment. "Environmental sustainability is one of the defining issues of our generation and has been a focus for Océ for over 50 years," said Mal Baboyian, President, Océ North America Production Printing Systems division. "The actions we take today will further strengthen our commitment to environmental and sustainability program leadership. Customers are becoming increasingly vocal about taking a stand for people and the planet, and Océ is deeply committed to helping customers achieve carbon-neutral print production. The Certified Green Partners certification, the Océ Eco Start carbon offset program and the Eco-calculator are all part of a larger, holistic approach to environmental responsibility that includes sustainable products, practices, and tools to promote a healthier environment."

Océ Eco Start carbon offset program helps customers minimize eco-footprint
Océ environmental leadership goes beyond reducing its own carbon footprint. In response to rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the alarming ramifications of global warming, Océ North America has launched the Océ Eco Start Program. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, Océ will plant trees to offset carbon emissions generated by production printing equipment purchased by Océ North America customers during the equipment's first year of operation to help customers get started with a full year of carbon offsets.

Since its inception in 1989, Trees for the Future, a Charity Navigator four-star organization, has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and surrounding environments by planting nearly 50 million trees. As a result, Trees for the Future has removed an estimated one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. The Océ Eco Start program provides a starting point for customers interested in achieving carbon-neutral production. Customers benefit in two ways—they can enhance their standing as socially responsible corporate citizens and gain the competitive edge that comes from going green, as consumers seek out business partners with a proven record of environmental stewardship.

The centerpiece of the Océ Eco Start Program is a comprehensive Eco-calculator that predicts the carbon emissions of any Océ production printing system and calculates the number of trees that must be planted to offset its emissions. The calculator is designed to help customers evaluate the energy consumption and resulting carbon footprint of their Océ-powered print operations. The Eco-calculator considers both monthly production volumes and operating shifts to determine an accurate energy consumption value based on running the equipment and cooling the space where it resides. Using this value and customers' EPA-determined CO2 coefficient, the calculator determines the total carbon output.

Océ earns Certified Green Partners certification
Certified Green Partners certification for the Océ Production Printing Systems facility in Boca Raton underscores the company's commitment to sustainable and ethical forestry initiatives and to reducing the use of petroleum products in printing processes. "Océ sustainability efforts are driven by a commitment to environmental leadership and helping customers meet demand for an environmentally responsible approach to business. With so many companies claiming to be sustainable, customers are looking for empirical proof that their business partners genuinely care about doing the right thing for the environment," said Baboyian. "We are pleased to earn this certification from Certified Green Partners, confirming our commitment to moving forward on the path to a carbon-free business environment."

Certified Green Partners is an independent alliance of international business leaders and organizations working toward a common goal of preserving the world's forests and protecting the atmosphere by minimizing the impact of deforestation and eliminating the use of fossil fuels. The organization's vision is to serve as an advocate for the environment, to advance green practices among professionals served by the printing and paper industries and to promote eco-friendly products and methods. As part of the certification, Océ North America pledges to use certified paper from well-managed forests, purchase petroleum-free products, use 100-percent recycled or certified paper and recycle paper waste for all office products.

For more information about the Océ Eco Start Program or to sample the Eco-calculator, visit www.oceusa.com/greenproduction. To learn more about Océ sustainability strategy, visit sustainability.oce.com.

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