Collins Ink Corporation has officially terminated the supply agreement that has been in place between the Collins Ink and Kodak for the past 10 years. Effective immediately, customers with high-speed Kodak Versamark printers can purchase their fluids directly from Collins Ink at recently announced prices. Collins will continue to supply a full line of Collins branded inks for all models of Kodak Versamark CIJ inkjet printers and continue to produce the wide range of custom inks that Collins' customers have come to rely on.

Collins Ink has been making inks for Kodak Versamark printers for over 20 years. At this point, Collins has produced between 3,000 and 4,000 distinct formulations that have been used in Kodak Versamark printers. Collins Ink is known for its commitment to quality and customer service, and for having inks that are in most cases superior to similar Kodak branded inks. Customers should experience no warranty related issues using Collins branded inks.

Collins also formulates and produces inks for a wide range of printers and printheads with water, solvent, oil based and UV chemistries, and has relationships with many of the major printhead manufacturers and OEMs in high speed industrial inkjet printing. Please feel free to contact Collins at or at +1 513 948-9000


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