Eclipse Corporation, a provider of enterprise document generation solutions, announced today that New Orleans-based commercial print provider, Mele Printing, has selected DocOrigin 3.0 from Eclipse to support their document generation services. The company needed to consolidate several disparate systems acquired during company mergers and replace outdated legacy document generation systems that were about to be sunset. The new version of DocOrigin was adopted to support the migration.

Mele Printing is the largest commercial printer in the greater New Orleans metro area and offers a wide variety of services including digital printing, and traditional and large format printing, as well as complete direct and automated mailing. According to Kenny Burger, IT Manager, Mele Printing had recently acquired several new companies and needed to streamline operational workflows and reduce the number of tools and resources required.

“We had a hodge-podge of systems,” says Burger. “By adopting DocOrigin we were able to eliminate several different custom applications as well as three different mailing solutions. Now we’re down to one processing software and one mailing software.” According to Burger, the greater efficiency of DocOrigin has saved the company time and money. “Jobs that were taking us over an hour to process have been streamlined down to five or ten minutes.” Listen to the complete interview.

According to Eclipse CEO Steve Luke, the solution made sense for this regional service bureau because of DocOrigin’s ability to work with any variety of input files -- from raw data to fully-formatted print streams -- and tightly integrate with Mele’s existing systems and procedures. “With several new companies on board and many new customers as a result, Mele needed to ensure that there was no disruption in service or quality as they eliminated antiquated systems,” says Luke. “DocOrigin allowed them to consolidate and migrate behind the scenes without noticeable impact to their customers.”

Burger agrees and points to conversion features built into DocOrigin as a key to their success. “With the filter editor within DocOrigin we were able to convert and migrate about 50 customers quickly and completely. Best of all, our customers were completely unaware of any changes. We’ve been very impressed with DocOrigin.”

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About Eclipse
Eclipse Corporation is a provider of enterprise document generation solutions for banking, insurance, government, and manufacturing applications. For over 20 years the company has developed innovative solutions that incorporate electronic forms, workflow automation, and enterprise content management to bring about real operational savings, workflow efficiencies and marketplace advantages. Companies like CARQUEST, Eaton, GE, MetaTech, Konica Minolta, PPG Aerospace, Security Finance Corporation, TransMontaigne, WORLDPAC, and hundreds more trust Eclipse for solutions and support.

About Mele Printing
Founded in 1985, Mele Printing is currently the largest commercial printer in the metro New Orleans area offering a wide variety of services including digital printing, and traditional and large format printing, as well as complete direct and automated mailing. Mele Printing values fast, cost-effective, and high-quality production. As proven by the years of service in the printing industry, Mele Printing staff is second to none, with an average printing experience of 18 years. Under promise and over deliver is our mantra, and our goal is to live that mantra every day.

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