NEPS LLC announced today the general availability of Pt. ID, its turn-key dynamic color printing solution for hospital admissions wristbands. Pt. ID’s monthly subscription pricing model represents a groundbreaking shift away from the traditional “budget cycle/capital expenditure” acquisition process employed by most hospitals, enabling them to quickly realize the solution’s benefits without making capital expenditures. NEPS’ Pt. ID solution includes intelligent Epson color inkjet printers, software, maintenance and consumables to support an institution’s annual wristband printing requirements.

“Preventable medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and healthcare professionals unanimously agree that positive patient identification is worth the time, effort and expense,” stated Bob Wickham, EPS Division GM at NEPS.
“Pt. ID was designed to enhance patient safety, improve the patient experience and lower total cost of ownership, beginning at the first step in the process.”

With its subscription-based solution, NEPS provides a cost effective, “plug-and-play” environment that enables healthcare organizations to realize the benefits of Pt. ID immediately. Everything needed to print dynamic color patient wristbands -- the printer, the bands, ink, network connection, etc. -- is included in one low monthly fee. Software is preloaded on the intelligent Epson TM-C3400LT printers, so clients do not have to source additional servers, and Pt. ID receives data in industry-standard HL7 format, allowing it to work with any hospital information system. “All that is really required is for IT to assign a printer port and to configure the HL7 file for the alerts that the hospital wants to support,” added Wickham.

Unlike traditional admission wristband solutions that rely on the manual application of black and white labels, plastic clips to secure the bands, and separate alert bands to indicate common patient alerts such as “fall risk” or “allergy”, Pt. ID prints patient information, barcodes, and alerts inline using high resolution color inkjet technology. Patient information is smudge-proof and will not come off when exposed to alcohol, acetone or water based liquids. The secure clasp-free closure style bands are constructed of soft, flexible, latex-free materials that are hypoallergenic to ensure patient comfort. Inline printing eliminates inefficient manual processes and the need to inventory standalone alert bands and plastic closures. Total cost of ownership for the Pt. ID dynamic color wristband solution is typically lower than traditional monochrome thermal or laser wristbanding methods.

“The first of the five Patient Rights is ‘right patient’,” stated Denise Miano, co-Founder, President and CTO of NEPS. “Positive patient identification is the key to eliminating over 70% of preventable medication errors in U.S. healthcare institutions, and Pt. ID will help our healthcare clients ensure their patients’ safety while improving efficiency and reducing costs.“

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