Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global solutions provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, recently announced the release of XIMAGEpdf™, a resource creation tool. XIMAGEpdf ingests single page PDF files and outputs printer elements such as forms (.FRM) and images (.IMG) compatible with Xerox® LPS and EPS printers that support Metacode. The FRMs and IMGs created by XIMAGEpdf can be uploaded to printers that support LCDS and Metacode files, or sent to transform products such as the Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) print server. With SPDE, the new resources produced by XIMAGEpdf can be used for printing LCDS and Metacode applications on virtually any type of printer.

XIMAGEpdf provides users an easy method to create overlay resources from any application that can export or print to a PDF file. Users simply create the form in their favorite overlay design application and then export or print the documents they want to use as overlays to a PDF file. Users then submit the PDF output to XIMAGEpdf to create the .FRM and .IMG resources for use with the production print data.

Because XIMAGEpdf supports PDF files created from any application users are not limited to a specific application that is focused on .FRM design and creation. Users can design forms with standard applications with which they are already familiar or which have features they want to leverage.

To support Xerox LPS-compatible Forms Source Libraries (FSLs), XIMAGEpdf includes the Solimar Compiler, which compiles FSL files into .FRM resources.

"XIMAGEpdf provides our clients with a tool to create overlay resources for use with Xerox LCDS and Metacode applications," said Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar CMO & VP of Sales. "Organizations that rely on LCDS and Metacode applications can continue to create image and form resources using the latest Windows OS platforms."

About Solimar Systems, Inc.
Solimar Systems is a leading developer of Customer Communication Management and Delivery solutions. Our solutions provide clients visibility into their operations while driving costs down; track the lifecycle of all jobs from receipt to multi-channel distribution; optimize and convert data and documents; manage production printing across the enterprise; ensure security access and compliance; and integrate composition, messaging and workflow tools into a universal web dashboard. With thousands of clients worldwide, including 70% of the Fortune 100, Solimar has integral, proven IT solutions that have benefited print and data centers for more than 20 years.

For additional information on Solimar solutions, visit or call the Technical Sales Team at 619.849.2800.
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