Kofax® plc (LSE: KFX), a leading provider of Capture Enabled BPM™ (business process management) solutions, announced the publication of research demonstrating the potential for mobile capture to transform how organizations interact with their customers. Mobile capture is the ability to use cameras in mobile devices to capture and perfect images of documents, automatically extract relevant information from those images and pass it into enterprise applications and repositories.

The survey, conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), probed member enterprises about the adoption, benefits and challenges related to mobile capture. Key findings revealed that 14 percent of respondents felt mobile capture is “a game changer,â€Â with 32 percent considering it “very valuable.â€Â

In the report, “Top 10 Mobile Technologies for 2012 and 2013,â€Â from independent research firm Gartner, Inc., vice president and distinguished analyst Nick Jones stated: “Mobile and wireless technologies and applications offer a rare opportunity for disruptive innovation and differentiation. Organizations should identify the key technologies that are likely to have a broad impact, and identify ways to exploit their potential in employee- and customer-facing applications.â€Â

A wide range of industries including government, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, insurance and transportation can benefit from mobile capture applications such as new account opening, claims processing, mortgage processing, accounts payable and others. Mobile capture enables the delivery of real-time services while leveraging and optimizing investments in existing infrastructure and systems.

The AIIM respondents identified the biggest benefits of mobile capture to be minimized delays when initiating a process and reduced approval processing times. In addition, nearly half of those surveyed indicated the ability to connect remote staff directly with back-office processes would improve productivity by 33 percent.

“Many critical business processes begin in a consumer's home or in a field location,â€Â said Martyn Christian, chief marketing officer at Kofax. “Kofax Mobile Capture enables enterprises to capture information at those key points of origination to dramatically accelerate the transaction cycle. As a result, companies that embrace mobile capture have the potential to significantly enhance the customer experience and achieve a distinct competitive advantage.â€Â

Mobile capture represents a burgeoning market opportunity. The AIIM survey revealed that only 11 percent of organizations are using a mobile capture system today. In addition, 28 percent expressed a desire to create tablet apps that capture information directly to back-office processes, but only one percent is currently doing so.

To access the survey results and white paper, “Distributed and Mobile Capture—Moving the Process Closer to the Customer,â€Â visit go.kofax.com/LP=1840.

About AIIM
AIIM has been an advocate and supporter of information professionals for nearly 70 years. The association's mission is to ensure that information professionals understand the current and future challenges of managing information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud and big data. Founded in 1943, AIIM builds on a strong heritage of research and member service. Today, AIIM is a global, non-profit organization that provides independent research, education and certification programs to information professionals. With more than 65,000 members, AIIM represents the entire information management community, with programs and content for practitioners, technology suppliers, integrators and consultants.

About Kofax
Kofax® plc (LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of Capture Enabled BPM™ solutions. These award winning solutions capture and streamline the flow of business critical information throughout an organization in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner, enabling our customers to be more responsive to their constituents and better grow their businesses. Kofax solutions provide a rapid return on investment to more than 20,000 customers in banking, insurance, government, healthcare, business process outsourcing and other markets. Kofax delivers these solutions through its own sales and service organization, and a global network of more than 800 authorized partners in more than 75 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit kofax.com.

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